Traveller Science Fiction Roleplaying Game in the Best of the Web Directory

Traveller Science Fiction Roleplaying Game

Argushiigi Admegulasha Bilanidin

Compiles resource journals, creature and character profiles, and links to relevant gaming groups.

BITS - British Isles Traveller Support

Contains adventure archives, product galleries, and gaming resources.

Chirper's Domain

Traveller trivia site contains core sector mapping.

Largest Traveller web portal contains searchable by category for playing guide.

Far Future

Features downloadable reprinted sourcebooks for use on the game universe.

Freelance Traveller

Web ezine about Traveller RPG published monthly includes fiction, reviews, articles, reference lists, forms and programs.

History of the Imperium Working Group

Promotes the gaming system through competitions, RPG meetings, and material distribution.

Interactive Atlas of the Imperium

Contains archives of sectors, subsectors, and systems within the game universe. Offers search features.

Mike West's Traveller Site

Contains articles, reviews, and materials on the game universe. Includes resource links.


Archive site presenting useful Traveller RPG contents from software to available characters.

The Zhodani Base

Holds information reservoir for Traveller, GURPS Traveller, GURPS Space and other RPG.

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