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HeroQuest Fantasy Roleplaying Game

  • David DunHam's Glorantham Page

    Includes information on the campaigns of Grazers, Ralios and Sartar. Site maintained by one of the elder RPG players.

  • Etyries.com

    Displays background for campaigns set in some places of the fantasy land. Scan through songbooks, tales, and HeroQuest RPG resources.

  • Glorantha

    Focuses on giveing collective overview information about the game if set in Safelster.

  • Griselda

    Shows fiction story about a Gloranthan Heroine. Read her family backgroud and articles.

  • HeroQuest: Glorantha

    Official Site by Issaries, Inc. containing. houses the background information on the topic and artworks, news and games that comes along with it.

  • Steve Marsh's Heroquest Home Page

    Contains updates and reviews to the constant additions of the games.

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