HeroQuest Fantasy Roleplaying Game in the Best of the Web Directory

HeroQuest Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Bruce's GLorantha Page

Site voted as 6th best Glorantha sites showing the myths and winning works regarding the RPG material.

David DunHam's Glorantham Page

Includes information on the campaigns of Grazers, Ralios and Sartar. Site maintained by one of the elder RPG players.


Displays background for campaigns set in some places of the fantasy land. Scan through songbooks, tales, and HeroQuest RPG resources.


Focuses on giveing collective overview information about the game if set in Safelster.

HeroQuest: Glorantha

Official Site by Issaries, Inc. containing. houses the background information on the topic and artworks, news and games that comes along with it.

Steve Marsh's Heroquest Home Page

Contains updates and reviews to the constant additions of the games.

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