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Greyhawk Campaign Setting

  • Campaign Journal: Hugh's Greyhawk Campaign

    Contains campaign journals, character templates, and maps of the game world that is played on the Dungeons and Dragons system.

  • The Green Dragon Inn

    Presents character galleries and templates, spell lists, and monster statistics.

  • Greyhawk - Fogs of War

    Provides storyline, campaign resources, and player guides.

  • The Griffin's Crier

    Provides house rules, magical item lists, and hero statistics.

  • Hierax's Greyhawk

    Highlights the Saltmarsh worlds, discusses rule variations, and presents character profiles of the second-edition campaign setting.

  • Legends of Greyhawk

    Explains quests, shows adventure logs, and provides character profiles of the play-by-email RPG system.

  • The Lorenvale Campaign

    Compiles character diaries, shows session logs, and provides adventure modules.

  • Maldin's Greyhawk

    Highlights magical artifacts, provides location details, and explains alternative rules of the campaign setting.

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