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Dangerous Journeys is a fantasy themed role-playing game created by Gary Gygax (co-creator of the original Dungeons & Dragons system) and published in 1992 by Game Designers' Workshop. Originally named and announced as "Dangerous Dimensions," the game was renamed due to a lawsuit threat from TSR Inc., publisher of Dungeons and Dragons and a company Gary Gygax co-founded. TSR Inc claimed that the DD abbreviation for Dangerous Dimensions infringes or usurps the D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) brand.

The Dangerous Journeys game design is considered as being mindful of the perceived flaws and limitations of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game system though many would also opine that the game design is overcomplicated. One of the new features of the game is the addition of a skill system and class-based restrictions on weapons.

The core rulebook for Dangerous Journeys is called "Mythus" and several other books have also been published for the game including the campaign world book "The Epic of Aerth," spell and magick items book "Mythus Magick," the adventure module and setting book "Necropolis and the Land of Aegypt," creature and monster statistics book "Mythus Bestiary," and the simplified version of the Mythus rules "Mythus Prime."
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