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This category is dedicated to fantasy themed role-playing games (RPGs) that may not classified under video games, computer role-playing games, live action role-playing game (LARP), and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). Most of the fantasy role-playing games listed here are classified as table-top RPGs.
  • Adventure Games

    Links to different adventure RPG online. Some are downloadable. Some can be played over the web.

  • Agins Inn

    Dedicated to Milton Bradley's classic fantasy miniature boardgame. Provides quests, miniature gallery, spells, furniture, contests, game reviews, and more.

  • Basic Fantasy RPG

    Role-playing game system based loosely on the d20 SRD v3.5 inspired by early RPG systems. Presents downloads, introductory story, sample, news, and forums.

  • The Burning Wheel

    Fantasy RPG designed and published by Luke Crane. Site includes forums, wiki guides, and information on buying the game.

  • City of Solis RPG Archive

    See a fantasy city that was once booming but is now cursed.

  • Donjon

    Independently published role-playing game considered as a parody of and tribute to Dungeons and Dragons. Presents a playing overview and downloads.

  • Dying Earth Roleplaying

    Based on the work of author Jack Vance. Provides information on game, downloads, and news.

  • Fate of the Norns

    Vikings themed fantasy roleplaying game that features an original experience point system and afterlife mechanics. Official site provides story and character information as well as downloads.

  • Hidden World

    RPG enclosed in different levels and revolves, with orcs, trolls, and hobbits.

  • IronFort: Bushido RPG

    Presents a character sheet, professions and skills lists, calendar, information on character attributes, and campaign details.

  • Legend Games

    Online roleplaying games shop based in UK that links to different RPG according to different game categories.

  • Museum of Computer Adventure Game History

    Classic fantasy RPG and adventure game archive and museum has compiled listings of all pre-1990 computer adventure and RPG games. Valuable resource for collectors and game lovers.

  • Over the Edge

    Secrets and conspiracies themed roleplaying game published by Atlas Games. Presents sourcebooks, information on game scenarios, downloads, and related links.

  • Shalkith

    Revolves around playing a dragon character and struggle it to survive and improve its attributes.

  • Sorcerer

    Player plays as a normal person who knows how to summon beings and do magic.

  • Swords and Sorcery

    Includes links to several fantasy games involving chivalry and magic.

  • Weregamers Web Lair

    Offering downloads, campaigns, fantasy art, maps, characters, bookstore, and related links.

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