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Fantasy Roleplaying Games

Adventure Games

Links to different adventure RPG online. Some are downloadable. Some can be played over the web.

Agins Inn

Dedicated to Milton Bradley's classic fantasy miniature boardgame. Provides quests, miniature gallery, spells, furniture, contests, game reviews, and more.

Basic Fantasy RPG

Role-playing game system based loosely on the d20 SRD v3.5 inspired by early RPG systems. Presents downloads, introductory story, sample, news, and forums.

The Burning Wheel

Fantasy RPG designed and published by Luke Crane. Site includes forums, wiki guides, and information on buying the game.

City of Solis RPG Archive

See a fantasy city that was once booming but is now cursed.


Independently published role-playing game considered as a parody of and tribute to Dungeons and Dragons. Presents a playing overview and downloads.

Dying Earth Roleplaying

Based on the work of author Jack Vance. Provides information on game, downloads, and news.

Fate of the Norns

Vikings themed fantasy roleplaying game that features an original experience point system and afterlife mechanics. Official site provides story and character information as well as downloads.

Hidden World

RPG enclosed in different levels and revolves, with orcs, trolls, and hobbits.

IronFort: Bushido RPG

Presents a character sheet, professions and skills lists, calendar, information on character attributes, and campaign details.

Legend Games

Online roleplaying games shop based in UK that links to different RPG according to different game categories.

Museum of Computer Adventure Game History

Classic fantasy RPG and adventure game archive and museum has compiled listings of all pre-1990 computer adventure and RPG games. Valuable resource for collectors and game lovers.

Over the Edge

Secrets and conspiracies themed roleplaying game published by Atlas Games. Presents sourcebooks, information on game scenarios, downloads, and related links.


Revolves around playing a dragon character and struggle it to survive and improve its attributes.


Player plays as a normal person who knows how to summon beings and do magic.

Swords and Sorcery

Includes links to several fantasy games involving chivalry and magic.

Weregamers Web Lair

Offering downloads, campaigns, fantasy art, maps, characters, bookstore, and related links.

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