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Roleplaying Games Developers and Publishers

9th Level

Makers of the Kobolds RPG gives updates, news and product information on this site.


Dates next RPG convention hosted by the developer of Continuum, Narcissist, Chi-chian, and Yamara.

Alderac Entertainment Group

Houses maker of hobby gaming RPG Warlord CCG, Spycraft, Doomtown, and 7th Sea.

Atlas Games

Publishes card games, board games, and RPG games, which includes Ars Magica, Feng Shui, Penumbra, Over the Edge, Pandemonium and many others.

Atomic Sock Monkey

Creates reflection and Indie RPG like Dead Inside.

Battlefield Press

Features twisted adventures of the confused hero from the end of WW I to start of World War II.

Burger Games

Focuses on Finnish RPGs offering high quality outputs.

Cloud Kingdom Games

Publishes books and RPG for hobby. Presents all their products in the site.

Columbia Games

Created Harn RPG, a medieval fantasy RPG, and other fantasy games.

Convivium Central

Produces RPG designed for non-RPG gamers that are related to real happenings in life.

Cracked Mirror Publishing

Houses links to different RPG resource and title articles.


Founded by Brian K. Moseley, the site contains RPG accessories and supplements created by d20 electronic publishers.

Deep 7

Has an online catalog, art gallery, fan pages and forum for its games 1PG, Arrowflight, Red Dwarf, and Six Gun plus downloadable systems.

Dilly Green Bean Games

Creators of the pen and paper RPG made by Maine residents since 2001.

Dream Pod 9 Online

Holds online store, company overview, miniatures, goodies and worlds related to Dream Pod.

Eden Studios, Inc.

Know about their products like Angel RPG, Odyssey, Buffy, and CJ Carella’s Witchcraft.

Escape Ventures

Multi-venture business company that is responsible for the publishing of Element Masters and GateWar.

Fantasy Games Unlimited

Publishing house for table-top and roleplaying games. Presents newsletters, downloads, contact details, and updates on new products.

Firefly Games

Publishes tabletop RPG and other RPGs concerning adventure like Monster Island: The Came of Giant Monster Combat.

Flying Buffalo Inc.

Specializes in PBEM games and RPG supplements with games such as Tunnels and Trolls, Mercenaries, and GrimTooth’s Traps.

Grey Ghost Press

Shows the games published by Grey Ghost Press especially Fudge game which has posted resources for the game on the site like optional rules, magic systems, characters, monsters and adventures.

Heliograph, Inc.

Specializes in making combined science fiction and history-based RPG.

Hex Entertainment

Contains upbeat RPG and supplements with matching philosophy and comics catalog.

Holistic Home

Home of the English- and German-language roleplaying games for those who play and are interested in the Fading Suns universe.

Living Room Games

Publishes Earthdawn RPG, Complete Mafia d20, CAPCOM World Tournament, and Digital Burn.

Mystic Station Designs

Scan over available utilities and medieval games from the publishers of Chivalry and Sorcery, and Bits Traveller.

Palladium Books Online

Offers several Roleplaying games of Kevin Siembieda including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Heroes Unlimited.


Depicts RPG that settings in the far-flung future.


Publishes two games: Battlelords of the 23rd Centtury and Blood Dawn transporting players to other worlds.


Developed Mechanical dream RPG, game set with fantasy.

Valiant Games

Aims to create detailed worlds that players will have fun journeying in.

Wingnut Games

Know for making inexpensive, humorous games like OG and Battle Cattle.

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