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Word Search Puzzles

ABC Toon Center

Explores the interactive games and characters of the family-safe interactive environment.

All-Star Puzzles' Word Searches

Provides different themed word search applets featuring various solving modes.

Anagramania Word Search Puzzles

Offers the word game that covers animals, sports, superheroes and cartoon characters.

Clue Search Puzzles

Discusses puzzle variants, shows player guides, and contains game resources.

Create Your Own Word Search

Allows users to generate their own word search puzzles including puzzles with international characters.

Daily Word Search

Interactive browser based word searches.

Daily Word Searches

Compilation of daily word search puzzles. Presents yearly archives.

Detective Shells' Word Search

Shows activity guidelines, presents community programs, and discusses support events.

edHelper Word Search

Features an application to customize and creates word search puzzles.

Fill the Void Ministries

Lists the word search puzzles of the organization that focuses on Bible texts and religious studies.

Free Online Word Search Puzzles

Printable puzzles containing a hidden message that is revealed once the puzzle has been solved.

John's Word Search Puzzles

Offers printable themed word search puzzles.


Free online word search puzzle games with various word lists, random dictionary words, and custom word search puzzles.

People Search

Online puzzles featuring famous people in various categories.

Printable Word Search Puzzles

Offers the customizable word search puzzles of the author. Also presents compiler programs.

PS Puzzles

Offers downloadable word search puzzles complete with their solutions.


Mobile word game comparable to Boogle and Bookworm. Can be played on iOS and Android devices.


Word search game for iOS devices. Presents the rules, screenshots, and news. With a forum for players. weldergame

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