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Optical Illusions

Akiyoshi's Illusion

Highlights the works of Akiyoshi Kitaoka that focuses on the maximization of illusory effects through standard illusions.

Amazing Eyetricks

Presents galleries of illusionary pictures and artworks. Shows relevant links and resources.

Amos Storkey - Visual Illusion of the Month

Showcases archives on illusions and images, presents optical research projects, and offers educational resources on the topic.

Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest

Annual contest which rewards the creation of new visual illusions. Showcases the finalists from this and previous years and offers information on entry.

Braingle's Optical Illusions

Archive of various optical illusions that are arranged by difficulty and category.

Cool Optical Illusions

Contains a large collection of optical illusions.

Cut the knot: Visual Illusions

Features Java-bases applets of optical puzzles sorted by different logical and analytical categories.

Easy Stereogram Builder

Enables the creation of stereograms by selecting a foreground pattern and a mask. Also generates text-based stereograms with customized font and font size.

Eye Magic: Optical Illusions

Features optical illusions along with explanations of how they work.


Source for optical illusions, brain teasers, games, 3D images and other mind teasing puzzles.


Showcases the museum of optical and sensory illusions. Shows the explanation of the optical phenomenon and provides scientific resources.


Features a collection of optical illusions complete with user rankings.

Optical Illusionist

Shows artistic, puzzle, and anamorphic optical illustrations.

Optical Illusions

Discusses the optical effects found on the illusionary pictures.

Optical Illusions?

Presents an article explaining the differences between the terms "optical illusion" and "visual illusion".

Optical Magic Optical Illusions

Displays the common optical illusions together with their explanations.


Collection of Magic eye pictures and optical illusions.

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