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A sudoku is a type of number puzzle presented as a grid that consists of several regions to be filled with numbers, the object of which is to have only one instance of a number in each region or cell as viewed by column and by row.
  • Daily SuDoku

    Regularly updated sudokus with an option to download printable versions of the featured puzzles.

  • DailySudoku

    Chronicles the history of the game including puzzle rules. Answers to frequently asked questions provided.

  • Flying Frog Consultancy

    Presents the programming codes used for sudoku solving applications.

  • Grant Gibson

    Sells puzzles for print and online publications. Includes design tips and playing guides.

  • Hirofumi Fujiwara's Sudoku

    Provides guides for puzzle creation, features a java-bases solver, and provides resource links.

  • Learn Sudoku

    Describes what it is, how to play, basic and advanced techniques.

  • Livewire Puzzles: Sudoku

    Offers free printable Sudoku puzzles divided into three levels of difficulty; easy, medium, and hard puzzles.

  • Planet Sudoku

    Offersf Sudoku puzzles like 9x9, Samurai, Multi 2 & 4, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 12x12, 16x16, 20x20, and 25x25. Planet_Sudoku

  • Prize Sudoku

    Highlights the competitions for traditional sudoku, godoku (letters) and super sudoku (16x16) puzzles.

  • Quality Sudokus

    Offers new easy, medium, hard, and very hard puzzles on a daily basis. Puzzles are available in a variety of layouts and are in PDF format.

  • Solve My Sudoku

    Shows an interactive tool that assists in solving sudoku puzzles based on inputed information.

  • Solving Sudoku

    Provides guides to solving puzzles of the game in different levels. Shows relevant resources.

  • Sudoku

    Features printable sudoku puzzles and shows solutions to previous problems.

  • Sudoku Daily Puzzle

    Provides hundreds of puzzles, all with easy, medium, and difficult versions. Includes a history of Sudoku, complete rules of play, and archives.

  • Sudoku Enumeration

    Compiles codes for different programs for solving and analyzing sudoku problems.

  • Sudoku Helper

    Highlights an interactive tool that discusses techniques of the logical game.

  • Sudoku Online Solver

    Presents an interactive program that generates and solves various sudoku problems.


    Catering to sudoku enthusiasts. Presents discussion forums and competition details.

  • US Puzzle and Sudoku Championships

    Find a registration form for future games, solving tips, and rules for the puzzle and sudoku championships.

  • Web Sudoku

    Online version of Sudoku offering several levels of play, including easy, medium, hard, and evil. Also offers a letter version, sale of ebooks, and version for offline play. Available in English, French, German, and Spanish.

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