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Brain Teasers

  •'s Rebus

    Free browser-based rebus game with thirty five levels to clear.

  • A Fun Zone

    Features daily games, brain teasers, and puzzles. Also provides games for downloading or online playing.

  • A Game A Day

    Collection of educational and entertaining puzzles for children.

  • Able2Know

    Compiles fan-made riddles and brain teasers of various genres.

  • Abnorm's Conundrums

    Collates various brain teasers of different levels that have no definite answers.

  • All-Star Puzzles: Logic Problems

    Features printable logical problems. Puzzles are arranged alphabetically, difficulty, and popularity.

  • Archimedes' Lab

    Offers a variety of brain teasers, optical illusions, e-books, and games available for play online.

  • AVAV

    Features links to different optical illusions, brain teasers, and riddles. Also presents resources.

  • Barry Is Puzzled

    Features brain teasers and logic, math, and creative thinking puzzle games.

  • Bill's Brain Teasers

    Provides several brain teasers along with their answers.


    Collection of brain stimulating quizzes, games, activities, puzzles, optical illusions, and magic tricks.

  • Brain Candy

    Collection of riddles, wordplay, jokes, insults, and mind games.

  • Brain Games

    Features a variety of puzzle, riddle, logic, math, pattern, and probability games.

  • Brain Games

    Play free puzzles online for brain teasers, brain training, and word searches.

  • Brain Teasers

    Presents a collection of riddles, geometrical problems, mathematical paradoxes, and optical illusions.

  • BrainBashers

    Collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions.

  • BrainBoggled!

    Includes brain teasers, logic puzzles, math riddles, and more.


    Offers a collection of free online brain teasers, puzzles, and math and logic games.

  • Braingle

    Offers a collection of brain teasers with a featured daily riddle, online games, and member message boards.

  • Brain Games

    Features a selection of brain games involving memory, math, mnemonics, strategy, trivia, riddles, logic, and puzzles.

  • The Contest Center

    Offers cash prizes for solving brain teasers and puzzles.


    Showcases paradoxes, illusions, and trivia collections.

  • Eyetricks: Brain Teasers

    Archives of brain teasers, puzzles, and IQ tests.

  • Games for the Brain

    Offers a variety of math, logic, and word games. Includes tips on activities that help brains function better.

  • The Grey Labyrinth

    Showcases the illustrations of puzzles, riddles, and paradoxes. Also provides gaming resources and solutions.

  • Lumosity

    Provides targeted brain games and brain training exercises available in free and for-a-fee versions.

  • National Geographic Memory Game

    In conjunction with the TV series "Brain Games", this puzzle tests your ability to memorize numbers, letters and photographs in a particular order.

  • Puzzlemix

    Features free online Sudoku, Hanjie, Kakuro and other puzzles created by Dr. Gareth Moore. Includes rules and discussion forum.

  • Sporcle

    Collection of mind stimulating diversions including riddles, games, and trivia. View games by rating, length, tags, and difficulty.

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