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Popular among adolescents, truth or dare is a party game involving at least two participants or players. One of the players will be asked the question truth or dare for that player to choose whether he or she wants to answer a (usually embarrassing or revealing) question or to undertake a challenge. The player that gets to be asked the question is usually chosen by spinning a bottle. The participants may add other rules, conditions, or options (truth, dare, double dare, or torture) to the game.
  • Play Truth or Dare

    A free Truth or Dare party game for adults. Includes the rules of the game, the truth and dare risk levels, and learn the benefits of creating a free account.

  • TorDPal

    Features truth or dare game ideas, a database of game questions, compiled responses, and stories.

  • Truth or Dare Online

    Web-based truth or dare game also serving as a source for ideas on varying typical truth or dare playing.

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