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Sprouts Paper and Pencil Games

The Game of Sprouts

Presents game basics, rules, and applet for playing on the computer.

Graph Theory and The Game of Sprouts

Covers rules and game demonstration.

Math Forum: The Game of Sprouts

Discusses the strategies and shows tips on the mathematical game.

NRICH: Sprouts

Gives article on the history, rules, questions about play, and mathematical proofs to explore.

Science News Online: Ivars Peterson's MathLand: Sprouts for Spring

Features scientific review of the mathematical game.

Sprout Game

An adventure of a tiny seed. The sprout starts by traveling on a small island and ends in a forest. Explore the hand-drawn landscape and solve the puzzles.

World Game of Sprouts Association

Shares news, archives, tables, Khorkov Challenge, and organizational documents.

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