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Paper and Pencil Games

Australian Word Games

Features anagram games, word puzzles, trivia quizzes, crosswords, and kids' puzzles.


Action adventure game for two players played with paper and pencil. Rules and game setup presented.

Invisible City Productions

Provides rules and instructions for a variety of board, computer, dice, card, and pencil and paper games.

The National Puzzlers' League

The self-proclaimed "world's oldest puzzlers' organization" offers sample puzzles, subscription information, and details of creating new puzzles.


Catalogs new paper and pencil games from Russia; includes downloadable example game forms.

Paper and Pencil Space Combat Game

Space combat game for 2 players, gives basic rules, materials, setup sequence, play sequence, moves, shots, and variants.

Pen and Paper Games

Instructions to favorite pen and paper games like ingo, MASH, dots, fortune teller, and more.

Pen and Paper Games

Compiles databases of players, discusses community events, and provides resources.

Pencil and Paper Games

Collection of games needing only pencil and paper, including territory, word, number, picture, and topological games.

Richard Bartle: Spellbinder

Explores the highlights, gives profile of the creator, and discusses the historical background of the game and gives variations.


A game concerning the imaginary conflict between 2 powerful wizards in a duel of sorcery. Includes rules, turns, gestures, spells, and winning.

Offers online crossword, sudoku, chess, word search, trivia, and puzzle games.

Waving Hands

Discusses the variable rules and deviations of the Spellbinder game.

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