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Miniatures Science Fiction

  • Bolter and Chainsword

    Resource open to Bolter and Chainsword enthusiasts. Presents discussion forumS, AN image gallery, and archived articles.

  • Combat Action

    Discusses the fictional story, background, and combat zone of the universe.

  • Dakka Dakka

    Site dedicated to Dakka fans and enthusiasts. Hosts discussion forums, provides archived articles, and presents a model gallery.

  • Epic Collector

    Provides references for the miniature painting and designing for the 2nd edition Epic Space Marine game.

  • F.A.D. Scifi Skirmish Rules

    Discusses skirmish combat rules for sci-fi and modern wargaming campaigns; shows reviews, and presents battle reports.

  • Fortress of Unforgiven

    Schedules of events and competitions, galleries of miniatures, and reference links.

  • HCRealms

    Contains tools for Heroclix gaming sessions including army builders, collection organizers, and figure statistics.

  • Lords of the Battlefield

    Offers news, information, and a gallery of painted miniatures.

  • MWRealms

    Explains game designs, compiles wargaming tools, and shows downloadable resources.

  • The Necron Hulk

    Showcases variant rules for the Necron class within the sci-fi board game.

  • The Pirate Base

    Discusses optional rules, shows galleries, and provides resources for Battlefleet Gothic and Warhammer 40K warhammer gaming campaigns.

  • Project: Necromunda

    Shows strategy guides, battle reports, and resource directories.

  • Target: Earth

    Based from Macross, Gasaraki, Mechwarrior and Heavy Gear systems. Shows model galleries, gaming rules, and player resources.

  • Weedkiller

    Highlights the tabletop game system that focuses on genetically modified vegetables. Presents fan-made modules and playing guides.

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