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Miniatures Science Fiction

Bolter and Chainsword

Resource open to Bolter and Chainsword enthusiasts. Presents discussion forumS, AN image gallery, and archived articles.

Combat Action

Discusses the fictional story, background, and combat zone of the universe.

Dakka Dakka

Site dedicated to Dakka fans and enthusiasts. Hosts discussion forums, provides archived articles, and presents a model gallery.

Epic Collector

Provides references for the miniature painting and designing for the 2nd edition Epic Space Marine game.

F.A.D. Scifi Skirmish Rules

Discusses skirmish combat rules for sci-fi and modern wargaming campaigns; shows reviews, and presents battle reports.

Fortress of Unforgiven

Schedules of events and competitions, galleries of miniatures, and reference links.


Contains tools for Heroclix gaming sessions including army builders, collection organizers, and figure statistics.

Lords of the Battlefield

Offers news, information, and a gallery of painted miniatures.


Explains game designs, compiles wargaming tools, and shows downloadable resources.

The Necron Hulk

Showcases variant rules for the Necron class within the sci-fi board game.

The Pirate Base

Discusses optional rules, shows galleries, and provides resources for Battlefleet Gothic and Warhammer 40K warhammer gaming campaigns.

Project: Necromunda

Shows strategy guides, battle reports, and resource directories.

Target: Earth

Based from Macross, Gasaraki, Mechwarrior and Heavy Gear systems. Shows model galleries, gaming rules, and player resources.

Tau Online

Access to information, tips, and advice from Warhammer 40k gamers.


Highlights the tabletop game system that focuses on genetically modified vegetables. Presents fan-made modules and playing guides.

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