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Miniature Game Manufacturers

AB Figures - Wargames South

Manufacturer of various scale models and miniatures used for Napoleonic, Roman, and World War II themed wargames.

Ace Models

Provides catalogs, project lists, and ordering information of the company that specializes on scaled armor miniatures.

Acheson Creations

Produces various scale models on different historical periods for use in wargaming and exhibition purposes. Shows ordering and shipping policies; and product catalogs.

Adler Miniatures

Produces miniatures for various war periods including the Napoleonic, Civil War, and World War periods.

Amazon Miniatures

Specializes on manufacturing miniatures for use in the Carnage auto-combat games. Provides catalog arranged by brand and price range.

Ares Mythologic

Developers of antique warrior miniatures that are made of resin materials. Shows location of dealers, product catalogs, and contact details.

Army Group North Miniatures

Sells WW2 vehicle scale models. Provides product catalogs and company highlights.

ATS Original Toy Soldiers

Provides galleries of miniatures themed after the Revolutionary War, Civil War and Foreign Legion.

Baccus Minis

Provides product catalogs, ordering information, and gaming forums for the miniatures.

Battlefield Miniatures

Shows the photo galleries and details of the company's miniature products.

Black Tree Design

Manufacturers of 28mm metal miniatures for collectors and gamers alike.

Brigade Models

Specializes in creating modules for science fiction and historical war gaming. Shows design notes and ordering information.

Bronze Age Miniatures

Sells 28mm and 54mm miniature models on science fiction, fantasy and historical themed war gaming campaigns.

Castaway Arts

Offers historical miniatures including Sumerian, Egyptians, Nomads, and early Hebrews.


Contains product galleries, details of store locations, and resource libraries.

CharGen Sculptures

Produces custom-made miniatures of RPG characters using polymer clay materials.

Copplestone Castings

Features the sculpture's miniature figurines. Also presents lists to gaming accessories.

Corvus Belli

Highlights the scale-model figurines used for historical wargaming scenarios.

Crocodile Games

Showcases miniatures for Egyptian alternative, fantasy, and historical gaming modules.

Crusader Miniatures

Tabletop miniature production company that offers products used for wargaming and diorama construction purposes.

Denizen Miniatures

Manufacturer of figurines on sporting, science-fiction, and fantasy genres. Shows product catalogs and company highlights.

Donnington Miniatures

Provides miniatures and campaign modules for dark ages and medieval periods.


Displays the products of the company dealing with terrain and buildings for wargaming campaigns.

Dream Pod 9

Showcases RPG scenarios and miniature figurines for use on the gaming systems.

East Riding Miniatures

Presents the company's historical miniatures and figurines. Also shows catalogs and technical specifications.

Fantascene Wargames Scenery

Supplies resin-cast scenery in 25-30mm scales. Contains product galleries and company profile.

Fiddlers Green

Contains templates for paper miniatures on various wargaming genres.

Mage Knight

Official site of the miniature tabletop game. Shows game resources, fan-made fiction, and media releases.


Contains painting tips, shows product galleries, and gives highlights of the development company.


Features miniatures and accessories based on the Lord of the Rings franchise.

Moonlight Miniatures

Produces pirate figures set in the Caribbean Isles during the 1930s.

Musket Miniatures

Sells miniatures for wargamers and collectors. Presents product galleries and reviews.


Supplies miniatures and accessories for use on Dark Heaven and Warlord games.


Sells painted sceneries and accessories for 25 and 30 mm scale miniature wargames.

WizKids Games

Manufacturer of several lines of collectible, playable miniatures.

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