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Miniature Game Manufacturers

  • Ace Models

    Provides catalogs, project lists, and ordering information of the company that specializes on scaled armor miniatures.

  • Acheson Creations

    Produces various scale models on different historical periods for use in wargaming and exhibition purposes. Shows ordering and shipping policies; and product catalogs.

  • Adler Miniatures

    Produces miniatures for various war periods including the Napoleonic, Civil War, and World War periods.

  • Amazon Miniatures

    Specializes on manufacturing miniatures for use in the Carnage auto-combat games. Provides catalog arranged by brand and price range.

  • Army Group North Miniatures

    Sells WW2 vehicle scale models. Provides product catalogs and company highlights.

  • The Assault Group

    Specializes in modern and science fiction military figurines. Shows gallery and details on the miniature products.

  • ATS Original Toy Soldiers

    Provides galleries of miniatures themed after the Revolutionary War, Civil War and Foreign Legion.

  • Battlefield Miniatures

    Shows the photo galleries and details of the company's miniature products.

  • Black Tree Design

    Manufacturers of 28mm metal miniatures for collectors and gamers alike.

  • Brigade Models

    Specializes in creating modules for science fiction and historical war gaming. Shows design notes and ordering information.

  • Bronze Age Miniatures

    Sells 28mm and 54mm miniature models on science fiction, fantasy and historical themed war gaming campaigns.

  • Castaway Arts

    Offers historical miniatures including Sumerian, Egyptians, Nomads, and early Hebrews.

  • Castle Kits

    Produces terrain kits for gaming and collection of fantasy, sci-fi, and historical genres.

  • CastScapes

    Contains product galleries, details of store locations, and resource libraries.

  • CharGen Sculptures

    Produces custom-made miniatures of RPG characters using polymer clay materials.

  • Copplestone Castings

    Features the sculpture's miniature figurines. Also presents lists to gaming accessories.

  • Corvus Belli

    Highlights the scale-model figurines used for historical wargaming scenarios.

  • Crocodile Games

    Showcases miniatures for Egyptian alternative, fantasy, and historical gaming modules.

  • Crusader Miniatures

    Tabletop miniature production company that offers products used for wargaming and diorama construction purposes.

  • Denizen Miniatures

    Manufacturer of figurines on sporting, science-fiction, and fantasy genres. Shows product catalogs and company highlights.

  • Donnington Miniatures

    Provides miniatures and campaign modules for dark ages and medieval periods.

  • Dragonhex

    Displays the products of the company dealing with terrain and buildings for wargaming campaigns.

  • Dream Pod 9

    Showcases RPG scenarios and miniature figurines for use on the gaming systems.

  • East Riding Miniatures

    Presents the company's historical miniatures and figurines. Also shows catalogs and technical specifications.

  • Epicast

    Features the resin cast model products used for various miniature gaming systems.

  • Fantascene Wargames Scenery

    Supplies resin-cast scenery in 25-30mm scales. Contains product galleries and company profile.

  • Fiddlers Green

    Contains templates for paper miniatures on various wargaming genres.

  • Mage Knight

    Official site of the miniature tabletop game. Shows game resources, fan-made fiction, and media releases.

  • Mirliton

    Contains painting tips, shows product galleries, and gives highlights of the development company.

  • Mithril

    Features miniatures and accessories based on the Lord of the Rings franchise.

  • Moonlight Miniatures

    Produces pirate figures set in the Caribbean Isles during the 1930s.

  • Musket Miniatures

    Sells miniatures for wargamers and collectors. Presents product galleries and reviews.

  • Reaper

    Supplies miniatures and accessories for use on Dark Heaven and Warlord games.

  • Tabletopterrain

    Sells painted sceneries and accessories for 25 and 30 mm scale miniature wargames.

  • WizKids Games

    Manufacturer of several lines of collectible, playable miniatures.

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