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Traditionally, most roleplaying games consisted of Dungeons & Dragons, or Vampire: the Masquerade, where you get together with other people, and often devote several hours to acting out different scenarios as different characters. The internet has made it easier for people to get together from all over the world and role-play on a variety of themes (including historical, literature, television, wolf, fantasy, and literature) in either text or browser-based formats. Rather than searching your local bookstore, game shop or library for the most up-to-date rule books, you can search forums, message boards, and web sites, as well as chat with other players, to learn about your chosen role-playing game and help develop your character.
  • Adventure Quest RPG

    A multiplayer RPG playable through internet browsers.

  • Call of Cthulhu

    Features the concept of saving the world, battling against powerful beings, and "fitfully grasping at that fragile human concept known as sanity.".

  • Dark Grimoire

    Free text based multiplayer online role playing game featuring adventure, treasures, and a highly interactive community.

  • Dark World by Night

    Role playing chat site featuring forums, rules, and information on the game.

  • Druids of Paranor

    Email based writing club that helps develop and create fun opportunities for literature enthusiasts.

  • GameSerpent Adventure and Role Playing Games

    Collection of simple, web-based adventure role playing games and simulations.

  • Gemynd Online

    Official website of the email based online role playing game.

  • GeoEmpires

    Location-based game played using Android or iOS smartphones allowing players to create virtual empires and conquer other players' territories.

  • Hellbreed

    Browser-based game featuring hack and slash action. With forums and a review video.

  • Mizahar

    A free community of roleplayers writing stories set in a detailed fantasy world.

  • Omerta

    Based on the stories of the legendary Don BArafranca. Site presents an overview on the game as well as information on characters and techniques.

  • Pan Historia

    Web based historical role playing game.

  • Playfic

    Platform for writing and playing "interactive fiction" games played solely through text, sans the sounds and graphics.

  • PokemonCraft

    Multiplayer free mmorpg online Pokemon game.

  • Rule The Seas

    Offers browser based pirate MMORPG.


    Online bulletin-board style Star Trek RPG. Site provides club information and discussion forums.

  • Virus RPG

    Presents information on game rules, characters, and races. With chat rooms and message boards.

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