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MUDs were among the first internet games available, allowing users from all over the world to sign into one shared system from their home computer, and interact with each other. Most are based around a common theme (book, tv series, movie, etc), where users can role-play different characters, fight monsters, or both. Search through several sources related to both text-based and graphical Multi-User Dimensions, including source code, companion guides, history, and different MUDs currently available.
  • An Atlas of Cyberspaces

    Contains a range of maps of the geographic structure of text-based virtual reality Multi-User Dimensions (MUDs) and graphical 3D virtual worlds.

  • The MUD Connector

    Online compilation of MUD gaming resources.

  • MUSE

    Software design and development house specialising in multi-player, online computer games.

  • Open Site MUDs

    Provides general information about MUDs, including a history and variants.

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