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Simple flash games that are browser based and use a mouse to score. Many are holiday based, kid friendly and are pretty simplistic, but fun.
  • Atakachik

    Spend some time firing red hearts at chickens but be sure not to hit the woodland creatures or unicorns.

  • Bammi

    Game of exploding pies. Simple to play, with a two player game option available.

  • Bubble Shooter

    Offers a free play bubble shooting web based game.

  • Cat Bounce

    Bouncing cats randomly coming down, click them and make them bounce faster.

  • Catch Music 2

    Take a few minutes to load this game of catching musical notes. Game plays in different songs, patterns, shapes, and motions.

  • Earth Editor

    Easy to play java game. Just select a pen type from the menu, and create the earth using dots on the field of gravity.

  • Eight

    Play a word jumble. Eight letters in search of a word. Drag and drop the letters until you create the correct one.

  • Gamedesign

    Collection of flash games for optimal timewasting. Dice wars, chat noir, domino pressure just to name a few.

  • Garden Gnome Carnage

    Ultimate in time wasting. Using keyboard input, the goal is to not let the gnomes reach the chimney.

  • Lunch Timers

    Finish lunch, and have time to spare? These games ought to help. Scratchpad, 8 ball pool, just letters, tetris and checkers.

  • Lux Ahoy

    HTML5 game of pirates and cannon balls. Choose a character, and one of three different battle fields.

  • The Most Seconds

    A game that challenges how many seconds you can sit on the website and do nothing.

  • Perfect Strangers

    Play the timewaster game based on the TV show of the same name, and watch cousins Larry and Balki chase a dream.

  • Pirates Love Daisies

    Davy Jones is out to steal the daisies, and the pirate crew is determined to save them.

  • Record Tripping

    Begin the game with the scratching of a record, master that, then start the gaming experience.

  • Stackopolis Bloc

    Play this addictive building bloc game. Just click and stack bloc's according to the blueprint.

  • Timewaster Ultra

    Game of button pushing that tests short term memory, reactions, and reflexes.

  • Typeracer

    Race your car against others and improving your typing skills at the same time. Challenge opponents or just test yourself.

  • URL Hunter

    Play this game in the navigation bar of the browser. Simple and easy way to waste time.

  • Winterbells

    Use your mouse to help the rabbit jump up to touch the bells.

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