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The game involves rolling five dice up to 3 times to make various combinations, which are noted on a scorecard. A Balut is a five-of-a-kind of any denomination, but it counts for little in terms of points. Players who obtain a Balut announce it to the other players and note it on a special scorecard. Players try to guess before gameplay how many Baluts will be made during the game; correctly guessing the total number can earn a prize.
  • Balut Game Online

    Features the Java application which allows the playing of Balut within the online communities. Discusses the rules and scoring templates.

  • Balut Scoresheets

    Offers a download of Balut scoresheets with jackpot column.


    Gives a history of the game, object of the game, rules, a score sheet, scoring information, and strategy.

  • Shareware Connection: Balut

    Offers a free download of the game Balut, a dice game of strategy and luck.

  • TeamBalut

    Source for online teams of Balut players contains history, news, members, and how to play.

  • Zeedice

    Offers free online dice games, including variations of Yahtzee and Balut.

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