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Trick-taking is an old variety of card game centered around a series of finite rounds or units of play. It is usually played with an Anglo-American deck.
  • The 45's Card Game

    Offers a computerized 4-way-partners version of the game. Presents details about the game rules, its author, and list of tournament schedule.

  • Card Games: Exact Bidding Group

    Information about the game's objective, variants and rules presented.

  • Euchre 4 Money

    Online Euchre club consisting of extremely competitive players.

  • GrandPrix Tournaments

    Annual event provides information on schedules, winners, books, articles, official rules, and photo gallery.

  • Last Trick Group

    Features specific games that have no trumps; with particulars on the game variations, objective, and rules’ overview.

  • Le Jeu de Tarot

    Recounts the origin of French Tarot. Covers information on the game’s rules, related articles, and commented deals.

  • National Cards Sharks, Inc.

    Provides a mailing list for Bid Whist. Contains details on membership application and instructions.

  • Oh Hell!

    Contains the rules including players, cards, sequence of hands, bidding, play, scoring, and variations.

  • Pagat: Rook

    Explains game rules and contains details on its variation, card values, and dealing instructions.

  • Sheepshead Card Game

    Resource for tips, links, rules, and information on the history of sheepshead.

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