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Special Card Decks

  • Acorn Naturalists: Compost Gin

    Sells this card game that teaches about decomposition and composting. Provides game description and online purchase.

  • Cool Studio – Burn Rate

    Produces a Korean version of the game. Contains details on its objective, related reviews, and a virtual tour.

  • Crazy 8ths Musical Card Games

    Offers game versions available for purchase. Includes game overview, FAQs, and ordering information.

  • Dino Hunt

    Family friendly card based dinosaur hunting game.

  • Doris and Frank: Mu and Mehr

    Official page of the game’s publisher. Contains details on its rules, variants, and tournaments.

  • Dutch Blitz

    Chronicles game history; with its rules, hints, and tips included.

  • Game Cabinet

    Contains reviews conducted by Mike Siggins on a selection of special deck card games.

  • Game Cabinet: Five Alive

    Review of the game by Mike Clifford. Details the card's description, playing mechanism, and package content.

  • Game Cabinet: KatzenJammer Blues

    Document review by Mike Siggins. Covers information on the game's play setting and playing phases.

  • Game Zombies: Filthy Rich

    Presents a review about the game that includes its concept, game-play, and winning condition.

  • Go Surf

    Showcases the game’s card deck and provides information about its rules and ordering instructions.

  • Ouray Toys, Inc.

    Provides editions of the game available for sale. Also details the game's descriptions and price rate.

  • Professor Noggin's Card Game Series

    Provides card games for children, with information on the games featured, media releases, and contact details included.

  • Race for the Galaxy

    Publisher site features a description of the card game created by Tom Lehmann and offers rules and purchase information.

  • RC Hobbies: Klunker

    Presents the game's summary, playing components, and purchasing price.

  • RPGnet: AlphaBlitz

    Explains the game's overview and objectives. Contains information on its rules, price, and downloading details.

  • RPGnet: Fight City

    Play-test review by Brad Weier. Covers game rules, card descriptions, and strategies.

  • RPGnet: Power Lunch

    Presents a capsule review about the game's rules, strategies, and tips.

  • RPGnet: The Great Dalmuti

    Come with a play-test review written by Jake de Oude. Includes particulars on the game's history, package content, and rules.

  • Set, The Card Game in Java

    Online, browser-based version of the game. Includes instructions and source code.

  • Snowball Fight Card Game

    Describes the game and offers purchase information.

  • Steve Jackson Games: Illuminati

    Showcases a Deluxe edition of the game; with information on gaming rules, sample cards, and images provided.

  • Wunderland.com: Aquarius

    Official page of the game. Presents details on the product's description, game-play instructions, and FAQs.

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