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Avalanche Board Game

  • 1898: The Spanish American Naval War

    Game includes the full Spanish and American fleets of 1898, plus a number of American warships of the early 20th century. Also contains 22 scenarios, 15 are playable with the game pieces and maps provided in the game.

  • 1904/05: The Russo-Japanese Naval War

    Provides 19 scenarios or game situations, including the climactic Battle of Tsushima.

  • Blood on the Snow: Suomussalmi 1939

    Uses variable impulse game system to model the two armies’ very different capabilities.

  • Cannibal: The First Battle of Arakan

    Relives history's difficult campaigns in this board game, also includes 140 counters, one 17x22 inch map, 8 page rules booklet, pricing and links.

  • MacArthur Returns: Leyte 1944

    Recreates in four scenarios and a campaign game the 1944-45 operations fought on the island of Leyte. Also includes links and facts.

  • Panzer Grenadier: Platoon Level Combat in WWII

    Game series produced by Avalanche Press, with avalanche news, games, player support and special offers.

  • Scotland the Brave

    Simulation of the 1297 war between Scotland and the English, also includes 140 counters, one 17x22 inch hard mounted map, scenarios and rules booklet, pricing and links.

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