Web Based Usenet in the Best of the Web Directory

Web Based Usenet

  • Adras.com

    Provides solutions for Windows, Unix, Linux, hardware and network problems.

  • Alibis

    Provides access to a variety of Usenet newsgroups by utilizing a web browser interface system without a newsreader program.

  • BuzzardNews.Com

    Provides access to uncensored Usenet newsgroups. Comes with news and contact information.

  • Health Forum

    Presents a discussion forum powered for health and medical topics. Comes with registration details and events calendar.

  • HighDots Forums

    Features a web-authoring discussions newsgroup. Includes FAQs and calendar of events.

  • Meganetnews.com

    Committed to providing access to unfiltered and uncensored newsgroups.

  • Microsoft Community

    Focuses on discussing issues about the Microsoft technology that include DotNet framework, server platform, and Windows.

  • Newsguy.com

    Permits access to a wide range of newsgroups by utilizing preferred NNTP newsreader or the direct read news web interface.

  • NewsReader.Com - Usenet Newsgroup Service

    Features a web-based interface demonstration along with FAQs and links to related sources.

  • News-reader.org

    Provides access to text only newsgroups along with registration details as one requirement for posting.

  • Recgroups.com

    Web-based newsreader designed for NNTP Usenet newsgroups giving emphasis on the rec.* and alt.* hierarchies.

  • Techie Groups

    Presents a resource page to various technology-related newsgroups. Includes FAQs and registration details.

  • Ugroups.com

    Fosters discussion on various topics that include entertainment, religion, travel, sports, technology, science, and computers.

  • Web Design Forum

    Presents a forum that focuses on graphic design for web masters. Includes FAQs and membership details.

  • Web Server Talk

    Displays a discussion forum for Apache, IIS, Web Sphere, send mail, and other servers for administration.

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