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About News-Posting

Offers guidelines on how to write and post to Usenet; includes terminologies and posting tips.

Amiga newsgroup summaries, information, files, and forum


Provides tutorials about binary newsgroups and Usenet to gain ideas on posting and downloading. binaries4all_en

Finding the Appropriate Newsgroup

Contains tips and guidelines about how to find the correct newsgroup. tomihasa

Mib Software Usenet Rapid Knowledge Transfer

Serves as a reference in gaining insights about the appropriate ways in learning Usenet.

Rules for Posting to Usenet

Presents guidelines for posting along with an introduction to Usenet.

The Seven Don'ts of Usenet

Provides a list of practices to be avoided when posting to Usenet groups.

Simple Guide to News Servers/Net Mail Groups

Presents historical details and guidelines relating to newsgroups, written by Kevin Butler.


Provides insights about hacking along with links to Usenet messages interchanging standards and NNTP specification.

Usenet Replayer

Presents tools and guidelines for users to keep away from common Usenet problems.

Displays newsgroup resources and tools along with reviews.

User's Guide to the Changing Usenet

Serves as guide for users to participate actively on Usenet.

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