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Amstrad Computer

Amstrad PCW

Introduction to the PCW system with newsgroups, tools, and online resource links.

CPC Game Reviews

Compiles reviews of games for the Amstrad CPC computer. With screenshots and advertisements scanned from Amstrad CPC magazines.


Site dedicated to Amstrad computers. Presents emulators, free and commercial games, utilities, music, ROMs, and other file downloads.

PCW Joyce Computer Club

Online home of the Dutch user group for the Amstrad/Schneider PCW 8256, 8512, 9512, PcW 9256, PcW 9512, 10 and 16 series. Presents club news and announcements as well as technical information and resources.

Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Guide

Collection of information and resources for users of Amstrad Notepad and Notebook computers. With data sheets and articles.

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