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TeX BibTeX Software

  • Allbib 0.4.2

    Provides details on product info such as the limitation, installation kit, GUI help, and downloadable files.

  • Bib2HTML

    Discusses information on software documentaion, bug reports, and html manual.

  • Bib2xhtml

    Information about BibTeX files to HTML converter program.

  • BibTeX ML

    Displays guide and details of BibTeX as XML markup.

  • BtooL

    Overview of a pair of libraries placed in C and the other in Perl, allows programmers to access in BibTeX files.

  • Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

    Contains directory of programs that interconvert between bibliography formats using XML intermediate.

  • Directory

    Contains address book with LaTeX and BibTex by Christophe Geuzaine.

  • Document Archive

    Features Perl written database to keep track of electronic documents and BibTeX amount.

  • Document Database

    Details of the web-based database solution written in PHP for research papers in BibTeX entries organizer.

  • Gnome BibTeX Editor

    Information on the user-friendly editor and browser for BibTeX databases, with downloads.

  • Jab Ref

    Provides bibliography reference manager, with history, journals and screen shots.

  • Medline

    Contains results of PubMed in BibTeX format search queries, with details.

  • Pybliographer

    Features managing bibliographic databases tool, with information.

  • Web Based Bibliography Management System

    Features information on development and download repository of open source code, applications, and other web resources.

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