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This category is for tools and utilities designed to enhance or complement the functions of the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  • A3 Solutions

    Features information on budget management applications, list of products, and customer details.


    Provides productivity and function enhancement add-ins for Microsoft Excel, for all Windows versions.

  • Business Spreadsheets: Directory

    Excel add-ins and spreadsheet templates for financial analysis, business operations and spreadsheet productivity.

  • Data Manager

    Multipurpose database management add-in for Excel. Includes storing, editing, and retrieving functions.

  • DataSafeXL

    Resources for Microsoft Excel spreadsheet protection, and security articles regarding best practice spreadsheet design.

  • DigDB

    Collection of Excel add-ins including complex table filter, duplicate finder, cell selection, sorting, extraction, and set mixing and combining tools.

  • ExcelCalcs

    Displays Excel cell formulas as easily readable mathematical equations. Helps reduce spreadsheet errors and provides free service for educational users.

  • IPredict

    Time-series forecasting plugin for Microsoft Excel supporting the creation of advanced financial technical analysis indicators within the spreadsheet.

  • LockXLS

    Provides copy protection features to Excel workbooks my making VBA codes and formulas unavailable and by adding registration options.

  • Lumenaut

    Allows Monte Carlo simulation, decision tree making, and statistical analysis within MS Excel.

  • MacroUnit Excel QuickSearch

    Expansion plugin for Microsoft Excel designed to enhance the program's search capabilities. Features customizable hotkeys, automatic row filtration, and the ability to edit cell contents within the search dialog box.

  • MoboCalc

    Enables the building, updating, and review of Microsoft Excel worksheets on tablet PCs with the pen substituting or complementing the keyboard.

  • PrecisionCalc

    Offers free and for-a-fee add-ins that enhance Excel precision and functions.

  • ScanXLS

    Inventory-catalog utility designed to assist in IT audit compliance projects related to internal controls on risks.

  • Spheresoft

    Provides users the option to enter a value and multiple formulas in Excel cells and to allow circular references in spreadsheet models.

  • Spinnaker Add-ins

    Macros, add-ins, and custom applications designed for users of Microsoft Office and Visual Basic programs.

  • Spreadsheet Advantage

    Aims to help Excel users and developers in increasing productivity and focus by enabling the comparison of file or worksheets within the same file, analysis of spreadsheet structure and complexity, and the identification of actual and potential circular references.

  • The Spreadsheet Detective

    Spreadsheet auditing add-in providing a map report, audit formula report, full annotations, and precedent/dependent dialog.

  • Tools for Microsoft Excel

    Offers Microsoft Excel add-ins designed for work automation and for the improvement of user productivity.

  • Vertex42

    Offers Excel templates, calendars, and calculators for time management, mortgages and loans, budgets, school, home, and business.

  • ZRandom

    Pseudo-random number generator for Microsoft Excel. Features a VBA interface and produces random samples from a table.

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