Mouse and Keyboard Shareware for Windows in the Best of the Web Directory

Mouse and Keyboard Shareware for Windows

  • 1st QuickLaunch

    Assigns keyboard shortcuts for launching specified applications, folders, web pages, or tasks.

  • Asutype

    Keyboard function enhancement software working as a spell checker and speed typing assistant.

  • Auto Macro Recorder

    Records mouse and keyboard macros to an editable script file and supports screen capture.

  • ClickyMouse

    Automation and macro software capable of recording, visually editing, and playing mouse and keyboard macros.

  • Cool Mouse

    Mouse wheel and middle mouse button utility from ShellToys. Enables the customization of mouse key functions.

  • Gate2Home

    Onscreen virtual multilingual keyboard. Allows users to type in over 60 languages in various key layouts.

  • i2Speak

    Smart IPA phonetics keyboard allowing users to quickly type words in phonetic alphabets.

  • i2Type

    Free to use on-screen virtual keyboard designed to make it easy to type in regional languages.

  • Keyboard Express

    Windows keyboard macro utility designed to automate repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

  • Litetype

    Offers online virtual computer keyboards for inputting characters in foreign languages.

  • Share Mouse

    Enables one computer's mouse and keyboard to control other computers within a network. Presents a demo video and screenshots.

  • Swype

    Input method for virtual keyboards on touchscreen devices that allows a user to type in words by simply sliding a finger or stylus over the letters.

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