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Mouse and Keyboard Shareware for Windows

1st QuickLaunch

Assigns keyboard shortcuts for launching specified applications, folders, web pages, or tasks.


Keyboard function enhancement software working as a spell checker and speed typing assistant.

Auto Macro Recorder

Records mouse and keyboard macros to an editable script file and supports screen capture.


Automation and macro software capable of recording, visually editing, and playing mouse and keyboard macros.

Cresotech TypeRecorder

Software tool designed to record keyboard inputs for playing, simulation, and analysis.


Onscreen virtual multilingual keyboard. Allows users to type in over 60 languages in various key layouts.

Hot Keyboard

Keyboard macro utility. Supports multiple languages and keyboards with extended keys.


Smart IPA phonetics keyboard allowing users to quickly type words in phonetic alphabets.


Free to use on-screen virtual keyboard designed to make it easy to type in regional languages.

Keyboard Express

Windows keyboard macro utility designed to automate repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

Keyboard King

Increases keyboard repeat rate to as high as six times the maximum allowed in Windows. Also features a user-defined hotkey.


Offers online virtual computer keyboards for inputting characters in foreign languages.

Share Mouse

Enables one computer's mouse and keyboard to control other computers within a network. Presents a demo video and screenshots.


Input method for virtual keyboards on touchscreen devices that allows a user to type in words by simply sliding a finger or stylus over the letters.

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