Internet Parental Control Shareware for Windows in the Best of the Web Directory

Internet Parental Control Shareware for Windows

  • Advanced Parental Control

    Software for complete filtering, monitoring, and restricting children's access to online content. Features include time management and system tweaks.

  • AllowBlock Parental Control

    Internet access and control software. Enables website blocking by domain name, URL, or keyword. Also blocks file downloads, uninstall, and Internet access shutdown.

  • Brightfilter

    Easy-to-use Internet filtering software used by schools and backed by an extensive updated database.

  • Bsafe Online

    Internet filter designed with the needs of families in mind. Prevents access to inappropriate adult content and monitors instant messaging among others.

  • Chaperone

    Online activity filter that monitors visited websites, controls the use of instant messengers, limits program usage, and sets time for computer use.

  • ComputerTime

    Enables the setting of time limits on computer use, schedules, and protected configurations to ensure online safety.

  • EZ Internet Timer

    Solution for addressing web surfing addiction, access to questionable or inappropriate online content, and excessive emailing or online messaging.

  • File Sharing Sentinel

    Free parental control software created to block file sharing P2P software. Provides password protection and the ability to run on stealth mode.

  • Integard

    Internet content filter designed to prevent children from accessing inappropriate online content as well as to limit their surfing time.

  • KidSplorer

    Child-friendly web browser with integrated parental control functions. Prevents access to inappropriate sites and the running of unauthorized programs of processes.

  • KidsWatch

    Allows users to set computer time limits, monitor chat sessions, block specified websites, and enable suspected predator alerts.

  • Optenet PC

    Parental control software prevents access to pornography, gambling, violence, and other unwanted or inappropriate websites. Also allows users to set schedules for computer use.

  • SafeFamilies

    Free Internet filtering and parental control software. Site includes online safety news, installation instructions, tutorials, and other related resources.

  • Spytector

    Runs stealthily on the desktop to perform PC monitoring and surveillance. Features a multilingual and skinnable interface, comprehensive logging, and password protected configuration.

  • Time Boss

    Windows parental control software offering flexible settings and a multilingual interface. Site presents screenshots, release notes, testimonials, and language files.

  • Time Boss

    Parental control software with flexible settings, multilingual interface, and compatibility with antivirus and anti-spyware tools.

  • TimesUpKidz

    PC access management tool designed for Windows XP/Vista, offering a thirty-day free trial download.

  • TimeWatcher

    Blocks specified programs, sets PC usage time limits, and enforces computer configuration restrictions.

  • Win Nanny

    Shareware created to limit computer use and Internet access. Features the ability to set up computer use time slots.

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