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Shareware Search Tools for Windows

AmiPic ShareMaster

Automated and fully customizable Internet search bot. Ensures user security by not showing IP addresses and providing the option to run in password protected mode.


Sophisticated online research tool designed to help target search results to a research topic.

Copernic Desktop Search

Program for searching, finding, and managing information on computers remotely, from virtually everywhere.


Virtual Internet and desktop search software for Windows. Also enables collaboration.


Features multi-threaded web search, password management and protection, format conversion, and interoperability with other Windows programs.

Free Picture Finder

Web image search utility that generates search results described in size and resolution and arranged under categories.


Online file search utility searches, filters, and compiles results from a number of FTP engines. Includes proxy server support, file verification, and advanced search options.

Search Engine Explorer

Runs as many as 20 search engines simultaneously on a click. Enhances and speeds up web searches.


Search and download software tool that opens up to six server connections. Supports downloading in UUencode, Base64, and yEnc formats.

Web Photo Search

Picture searching and downloading tool with a built-in picture and thumbnail viewer, slide show generator, and the ability to organize downloads and create an image gallery.


Meta search software designed to facilitate web searching for news, travel information, sport scores, books, hobby items, home improvement tips, clip art, software, and other information of interest.

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