Shareware Search Tools for Windows in the Best of the Web Directory

Shareware Search Tools for Windows

  • Aware

    Sophisticated online research tool designed to help target search results to a research topic.

  • Copernic Desktop Search

    Program for searching, finding, and managing information on computers remotely, from virtually everywhere.

  • Ergo

    Virtual Internet and desktop search software for Windows. Also enables collaboration.

  • Ferret32

    Features multi-threaded web search, password management and protection, format conversion, and interoperability with other Windows programs.

  • Free Picture Finder

    Web image search utility that generates search results described in size and resolution and arranged under categories.

  • FtpWolf

    Online file search utility searches, filters, and compiles results from a number of FTP engines. Includes proxy server support, file verification, and advanced search options.

  • TiFNY

    Search and download software tool that opens up to six server connections. Supports downloading in UUencode, Base64, and yEnc formats.

  • WebSeeker

    Meta search software designed to facilitate web searching for news, travel information, sport scores, books, hobby items, home improvement tips, clip art, software, and other information of interest.

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