Dial-Up Networking Shareware for Windows in the Best of the Web Directory

Dial-Up Networking Shareware for Windows

  • Dial-Up Magic

    Windows add-on designed to simplify the configuration and setting up of new connections. Pre-configures dial-up parameters including login scripts, DNS, and dialing locations.

  • DUN Manager

    Enhances dial-up networking and broadband connection. Monitors up to nine simultaneous connections, features automatic disconnection options, and provides disconnection alerts and detailed activity logs.

  • HiDialer 2000

    Dial-up connection tool designed to quickly enable ISP connections, automatically reconnect and disconnect, and synchronize PC time with the atomic clock online.

  • SP Dialer

    Internet dialer, time synchronization utility, and proxy server. Redials multiple lines, restores broken connections, and monitors online time.

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