MINIX Linux Operation System in the Best of the Web Directory

MINIX Linux Operation System

Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Computer Science professor, author of MINIX Unix variant. Contains personal FAQs, publications and profile.

Bibliography on Minix, a UNIX-like OS

College of Computer Science collection. Contains brief description, statistics and graph on distribution of publication dates.

Brad's MacMinix Page

MacMinix is Macintosh version of MINIX, with brief description. Discusses features and benefits of learning operating systems.


Small open-source OS, runs in kernel mode under 4000 lines of executable code. Includes brief overview, list of features and hardware required.

Minix Network Service Documentation

Covers network service functionality and line-by-line analysis for Minix, version 2.0.4.

Minix Operating System

Source of information on Minix software, download and documentation. Contains related links and FAQs.

Minix Tips

Access to information on running Minix operating system version 3 in weblog format, with archives and links.


Minix information and related links repository. Access to downloads, source code and support.

Operating Systems Design and Implementation, 3/E

Revised edition for MINIX version, introductory courses on computer OS. Provides brief description and product information.

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