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Unix History

About the FreeBSD Project

Provides a brief history of FreeBSD and the set goals of its projects. With contributors list and current FreeBSD release.

The Creation of the UNIX Operating System

Offers information on Lucent stock charts, news and events, and executive presentations.

CSRG Archive CD-ROMs

Provides information about the four CD set with its pricing details.

History of the BSD Daemon

Provides details in ordering BSD Daemon shirts with its pictures, on sale items, and history.

History of Unix, Linux, and Open Source

Includes information on the creation of a free version of the Unix operating system.

Learning About The History of Unix

A guide on Unix commands, SunOS features, and V developer.

Nick Moffitt's $7 History of Unix

Provides downloads on free and open-source programs. With news updates.

The Unix Heritage Society

Includes the society's aim to preserve and maintain the historical and non-mainstream UNIX systems.

Unix History

Presents Unix's history in a diagram. Includes downloads and related links.

UNIX History Graphing Project

Collate a list of release dates and dependencies of the UNIX variants. With a list of the current set of files.

The Unix System: History and Timeline

Manufactures control systems, laboratory simulations, and the computer aided design.

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