VMS Operating System in the Best of the Web Directory

VMS Operating System

  • Computing.Net - OpenVMS Forum

    Contains categorized question and answer forum by topic.

  • DECUServe Journals

    Provides documentation of DEC journals with detailed information.

  • Eight-cubed.com

    Provides information on hardware configuration, operations automation and disaster recovery planning. Includes archives, downloads and articles.

  • FreeVMS: freshmeat.net

    Consists of POSIX kernel and DCL command line interpreter; runs on i386, PPC and Alpha.

  • Montagar Software Concepts

    Provides consulting and products for Alpha/AXP and Compaq's OpenVMS VAX platforms. Plus business links and DECUS information.

  • Old VMS Databases Never Die

    Databases of OpenVMS article written by Drew Robb, discusses the products such as Rdb, Ingres and system 1032.

  • OpenVMS Hobbyist Program

    HP and OpenVMS engineering program. Includes overview, downloads, forum and FAQs.

  • OSdata.com: OpenVMS

    VMS and OpenVMS OS foreword, provides brief overview and references.

  • Robert Gezelter - OpenVMS Consulting Services

    Software Consultation on OpenVMS related issues and technologies. Includes system management, secure applications and networking.

  • Software Resources International

    Specializes in business software applications through migration, emulation and system enhancement. Contains list of products with descriptions.

  • VMS Tuning

    Portal to information about OpenVMS Sysgen parameters, intended for use by system manager and technical personnel.

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