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IBM z-OS Operating System

  • Big Iron

    Contains links related to s/390 mainframes and MVS, by Bill lalonde.

  • DB2 for z/OS

    Reduces cost in IT infrastructure. Includes overview, components and editions.


    Manages data from creation to expiration, includes list of products with descriptions.

  • IMS - Information Management System

    Transactional database management system for operational and business applications. With schedule of events and components.

  • IMS Glossary

    Contains common technical terms and acronyms.

  • Language Environment

    Provides common run-time environment for C, C++, Cobol and PL/I applications. Includes overview and presentations.

  • MVS Forums

    Assists community provide question and answer on topics such as JCL, DB2, CICS, utilities and Cobol.

  • - OS/MVS

    Mainframe operating system of IBM, MVS now known as z/OS. Plus references and privacy policy.

  • RACF

    Product for securing corporate data, supports OS/390 and z/OS.

  • Rizzuto IT

    Contains list of systems programming documents, tools, books and magazines with brief descriptions. Includes related links and curriculum.

  • SDSF: System Display and Search Facility

    Monitor, control and manage z/OS sysplex, includes systems management and development.

  • SMP/E: System Modification Program Extended

    Basic tools to install and maintain z/OS and OS/390 software products and packages.

  • TSO Times

    Chicago-Soft publication, educate readers on material related to TSO and ISPF subjects. Includes articles and company overview.

  • University of Georgia Mainframe

    Provides information on MVS JCL, TSO and ISPF as well as summary of z/OS abend codes.

  • UnXMIT Information Exchange

    Provides information on creating UnXMIT products in IBM's XMIT file format on other platforms. Plus brief summary and FAQs.

  • Watson and Walker

    Offers advice on practical mainframe performance and measurement. Assists system programmers using IBM z/OS, OS/390 and MVS operating systems.

  • z/OS and OS/390 Hot Topics Newsletters

    Contains technical articles with Adobe PDF file format for z/OS systems programmers, published twice annually.

  • z/OS Information Wizardry

    Infrequent z/OS programming tasks web-based wizards, generate outputs that can be use and upload to z/OS such as policies and jobs.

  • z/OS Internet Library

    Intended for IBM's z/Architecture and S/390 customers use. Contains policy, publications and glossary.

  • z/OS RMF

    Base product to collect performance data for z/OS and permits to optimally configure the system.

  • z/OS UNIX System Services

    z/OS integral element. Contains hierarchical file system and can communicate with DB2, CICS, IMS, and WebSphere MQ.

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