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IBM z-OS Operating System

Big Iron

Contains links related to s/390 mainframes and MVS, by Bill lalonde.

Consolidated Service Test and RSU

Testing program for z/OS platform, includes registration information and service updates.

DB2 for z/OS

Reduces cost in IT infrastructure. Includes overview, components and editions.


Manages data from creation to expiration, includes list of products with descriptions.

IMS - Information Management System

Transactional database management system for operational and business applications. With schedule of events and components.

IMS Glossary

Contains common technical terms and acronyms.

Language Environment

Provides common run-time environment for C, C++, Cobol and PL/I applications. Includes overview and presentations.

MVS Forums

Assists community provide question and answer on topics such as JCL, DB2, CICS, utilities and Cobol. - OS/MVS

Mainframe operating system of IBM, MVS now known as z/OS. Plus references and privacy policy.


Product for securing corporate data, supports OS/390 and z/OS.

Rizzuto IT

Contains list of systems programming documents, tools, books and magazines with brief descriptions. Includes related links and curriculum.

SDSF: System Display and Search Facility

Monitor, control and manage z/OS sysplex, includes systems management and development.

SMP/E: System Modification Program Extended

Basic tools to install and maintain z/OS and OS/390 software products and packages.

TSO Times

Chicago-Soft publication, educate readers on material related to TSO and ISPF subjects. Includes articles and company overview.

University of Georgia Mainframe

Provides information on MVS JCL, TSO and ISPF as well as summary of z/OS abend codes.

UnXMIT Information Exchange

Provides information on creating UnXMIT products in IBM's XMIT file format on other platforms. Plus brief summary and FAQs.

Watson and Walker

Offers advice on practical mainframe performance and measurement. Assists system programmers using IBM z/OS, OS/390 and MVS operating systems.

z/OS and OS/390 Hot Topics Newsletters

Contains technical articles with Adobe PDF file format for z/OS systems programmers, published twice annually.

z/OS Information Wizardry

Infrequent z/OS programming tasks web-based wizards, generate outputs that can be use and upload to z/OS such as policies and jobs.

z/OS Internet Library

Intended for IBM's z/Architecture and S/390 customers use. Contains policy, publications and glossary.


Base product to collect performance data for z/OS and permits to optimally configure the system.

z/OS UNIX System Services

z/OS integral element. Contains hierarchical file system and can communicate with DB2, CICS, IMS, and WebSphere MQ.


Designed for workloads such as Java, C/C++ and web-based data processing applications. Offers z/OS special priced providing zSeries 800 select function.

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