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After Effects Plug-Ins

  • AE Flame

    Allows users to create and animate cosmic recursive flame fractals.

  • Andrew Video Plug-ins

    Presents 15 high-impact plug-ins for color effects, image cutups, grain, line effects, solarization and inverse effects.

  • Bikini Dots

    Combined stroke renderer and dot matrix generator creates matrix of circles with pixel sample variables.

  • Boris FX: Motion Graphics Pack

    Provides powerful integration of tiling, filters and effects plug-ins.

  • Color Finesse

    Showcases color-correction plug-in for After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

  • Color Pal

    Provides a customizable floating color palette within After Effects, which can store and access sets of standard colors across complete projects.

  • Conoa Plug-ins

    Plug-in suite features modules for contouring 3-D shapes and controlling color.

  • DIN

    Provides procedural noise for making everything from fire to force fields.

  • Foundry: Furnace

    Allows film compositors to correct routine problems on film effects shots.

  • Grader

    Features color correction in true YUV colorspace for After Effects.

  • Lux

    Simulates light reflection in a sparse medium much like the lighting on an outdoor stage during a misty night.

  • Moving Parts

    Animates images and effects over video, directly from the editor's timeline.

  • MovingChart

    Adds high-quality 3-D charts and graphs to motion video graphics.

  • Plug-in Galaxy

    Features functions for transparency manipulations, blurring, texture and pattern generation, noise, mirroring and warping.

  • Plugin Site: Resources

    Delivers guide to plug-ins for After Effects and others.

  • PowerXChange

    Reseller offers commercial plug-ins for After Effects video software.

  • Rush

    Includes a render queue for distributing processes to compositors and renderers on networks.

  • Sapphire for After Effects

    Explore more than 175 filters and plug-ins for creating synthesis effects.

  • Shine

    Supplies fast lighting effects very much like volumetric light in 2-D.

  • Adobe After Effects Compositing

    Guide to news and software for compositing and editing in After Effects.

  • Sound Keys

    Advanced keyframe generator that can extract keyframes from frequency ranges rather than overall amplitude.

  • Starglow

    Creates fast-rendering glow effects in After Effects.

  • Suppressor

    Provides suppressing color functions for blue screen applications and more.

  • Trapcode Particular

    Produces a wide range of effects from natural smoke and explosions to geometric or organic abstract design elements.

  • Virtual Vertex: Muster

    Applies management capabilities for cross-platform render farms on popular 2-D and 3-D packages.

  • XMult

    Creates an alpha channel based on the highest luminance value of each pixel.

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