Mas OS FTP Clients and Servers in the Best of the Web Directory

Mas OS FTP Clients and Servers

  • BulletProof FTP

    Transfers files between Macs and remote FTP servers and features Aqua interface.

  • CrushFTP

    Allows users to serve and download files via FTP by creating virtual directories on the host machine.

  • Cute FTP

    Easy to use FTP software in home or pro user versions.

  • Fetch

    Offers downloads for Mac OS X and OS 9 as well as support, a message board and info about added security via SFTP for OS X.

  • Forklift

    FTP/SFTP client and file manager for Mac OS X.

  • Goliath

    Creates and edits websites via WebDAV on web servers.


    Transmits and downloads files from any server using FTP or SFTP for Mac OS X.

  • Macinstruct

    Instructions on turning a Mac into an FTP server using Mac's built in FTP capabilities.

  • NetFinder

    Browses the internet using FTP for OS 9 and OS X.

  • OneButton FTP

    Simple, drag, and drop graphical FTP client for Mac OS X.

  • ProFTPD

    FTP server is designed for secure use with Apache web servers and Features a host of advanced features.

  • PureFTPd

    Free (BSD), secure, production-quality and standard FTP server is based on Troll-FTPd.

  • RBrowser

    Mac OS X users can transfer files using FTP, SFTP and SSH protocols.

  • Rumpus FTP

    Workgroups can share any file type on any platform across the internet to home or office.

  • Transmit

    Offers SFTP and FTP transfers in an easy-to-use interface for OS X users. OS 9 users can download a freeware version, which doesn't support SFTP.

  • Yummy FTP

    Features fast file transfers via FTP and SFTP protocols.

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