Tiny Floppy Sized Linux Distribution in the Best of the Web Directory

Tiny Floppy Sized Linux Distribution

AVD Project

Creates a suitable SQL server from swims' not-installed DB, includes project details.


Two-floppy Linux distribution with a graphical web browser and IRC client. With list of features, forum and installation procedure.

Fd Linux

Linux tiny floppy distribution. Supports built-in firewall and various Network Interface Cards.


Minimalistic Linux installation fitting on one single 1.44MB disk. Includes documentation, installation instruction and brief description.

Injector Linux

Single floppy Linux system which supports variety of file-systems.

Pocket Linux

One floppy Linux system, supports bootp for determining host IP. Includes manual, FAQs and project overview.

S.M.A.R.T. Linux

Contains tool to monitor IDE/SCSI hard disks. Plus change log, list of utilities and links.

Tinfoil Hat Linux

Single floppy and bootable Linux distribution. Contains FAQs and related links.


Very small GNU/Linux on one floppy disk. Provides installation process, overview, tips and change log.

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