Tiny Floppy Sized Linux Distribution in the Best of the Web Directory

Tiny Floppy Sized Linux Distribution

  • AVD Project

    Creates a suitable SQL server from swims' not-installed DB, includes project details.

  • Blueflops

    Two-floppy Linux distribution with a graphical web browser and IRC client. With list of features, forum and installation procedure.

  • Fd Linux

    Linux tiny floppy distribution. Supports built-in firewall and various Network Interface Cards.

  • HAL91

    Minimalistic Linux installation fitting on one single 1.44MB disk. Includes documentation, installation instruction and brief description.

  • Injector Linux

    Single floppy Linux system which supports variety of file-systems.

  • Pocket Linux

    One floppy Linux system, supports bootp for determining host IP. Includes manual, FAQs and project overview.

  • S.M.A.R.T. Linux

    Contains tool to monitor IDE/SCSI hard disks. Plus change log, list of utilities and links.

  • Tinfoil Hat Linux

    Single floppy and bootable Linux distribution. Contains FAQs and related links.

  • Tomsrtbt

    Very small GNU/Linux on one floppy disk. Provides installation process, overview, tips and change log.

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