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Gentoo Linux Distribution

  • Abeni

    Gentoo Linux ebuild GUI editor written in Python/wxPython. Provides forums, related links and list of features.

  • Appear - A Gentoo Portage Improvement

    Frontend written in Sh which makes Portage well-organized and allows automatic prelinking of packages.

  • CLiki - Lisp and Gentoo

    Portal to information on common Lisp implementations and libraries in Portage.

  • Cool Linux CD

    Linux operating system bootable CD. Plus list of features and screenshots of application with brief descriptions.

  • Gentoo

    Provides list of packages for stable and unstable branches, summary and related news.

  • Gentoo Linux's Journal

    Compilations of various Gentoo users experiences with comments.

  • Gentoo Security Handbook

    Intended for users of Gentoo Linux in server based environment. Contains links to handbook with brief descriptions.

  • Gentoo Store

    Consists of different products with Gentoo logo. Portion of profits are used to support the foundation.


    Provides users information on packages and permits to post comments.

  • Gentoox - Bringing Gentoo to the Xbox

    Descriptions on how Gentoo runs on Microsoft Xbox. With news archive, tutorials and FAQs.

  • Idiot Guide to Setup

    Access to detailed instruction on how to set-up Gentoo. Includes checklist and screenshots of application.

  • - Installing Gentoo Linux

    Describes Gentoo installation process and advantages of the distribution.

  • Linux on the Portege 2000

    Contains installation instructions on Toshiba Portege 2000 and list of specifications.

  • Packages at Gentoo Linux

    Contains list of packages with change logs and brief descriptions.

  • Porthole Portage Frontend

    Based on GTK frontend for Portage, released under GPL. Includes sample screenshots of application and brief description.

  • Ruby-Tk-Merge - rtkmerge

    Features a graphical interface to the emerge command to handle packages under Gentoo Linux Distribution. With installation and links related projects.

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