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X11 Window Managers

  • AfterStep Applets

    AfterStep window manager distribution application. Includes related links such as documentation on X Windows, sound files and FAQs.

  • Amiwm

    Make display look like an Amiga workbench screen, an X window manager. Plus desktop gallery and download.

  • B4Step

    Runs under X11R6 and can read XPM, GIF, JPEG and PNG files for graphic themes. Includes download and FAQs.

  • BadWM

    X Window system minimalistic window manager, licensed under GNU GPL.

  • Evilwm

    X Window system minimalist window manager, with small binary size and virtual desktops.

  • Fast Light Window Manager

    Combination of ideas from different window managers. Designed to be point-to-type and understands KDE, Motif and Gnome window manager hints.

  • FluxBox

    Based on blackbox with similar window placement, styles and colors. Includes overview, list of features and sample screenshots of application with descriptions.

  • Generic Window Manager Manual

    X11 window manager client application, composed of two modules the GWM and WOOL. Includes overview, standard packages and references.

  • IceMe

    Graphical menu editor written in Python and GTK, with icon selection dialog and can edit programs, toolbar and keys files.

  • JD4X

    GUI windowing environment to support Java programming and build to control native desktop system. Contains download, news and overview.

  • LinuxPlanet: Window Managers

    Includes opinions, reviews and tutorials on window managers under Linux.

  • Official AfterStep Website

    Unix X Window system window manager, provides desktop configuration. Includes list of features, FAQs and brief overview.

  • Openbox

    Standards compliant and lightweight window manager, distributed under GNU GPL. Contains brief overview and list of features.

  • Ratpoison

    Contains prefix map to minimize key clobbering, with no fancy graphics, window decorations and fat library dependencies. Includes keyboard gallery and download.

  • ROX Desktop

    Desktop based around ROX-Filer. Includes installation process, tips, guidebook and FAQs.

  • Scheme Constraints Window Manager

    Based on Guile scheme configuration language, support for fvwm2 modules and themes for mwm, win95, afterstep and fvwm.

  • Small Window Manager

    Designed for minimal memory usage intended for small screen sizes. Provides download and screenshots of application.

  • Stump Window Manager

    Written in Common Lisp, a keyboard driven X11 window manger. Includes download and links.

  • Vadim Khohlov's Programs

    Contains programs for IceWM includes sample screenshots of application with brief descriptions.

  • Window Manager Icons

    Project that provides configurable icons distribution, released under GPL.

  • WindowLab

    Novel design simple window manager, released under GPL. Includes installation process and tips.

  • Wm2

    Adds stylish frame to each managed window, includes list of features.

  • wmx

    Based on wm2, a window manager for X. Provides download and development releases.

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