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X11 Window Managers


X11 minimal window manager, based on 9wm.

AfterStep Applets

AfterStep window manager distribution application. Includes related links such as documentation on X Windows, sound files and FAQs.


Make display look like an Amiga workbench screen, an X window manager. Plus desktop gallery and download.


Runs under X11R6 and can read XPM, GIF, JPEG and PNG files for graphic themes. Includes download and FAQs.


X Window system minimalistic window manager, licensed under GNU GPL.


X Window system minimalist window manager, with small binary size and virtual desktops.

Fast Light Window Manager

Combination of ideas from different window managers. Designed to be point-to-type and understands KDE, Motif and Gnome window manager hints.


Based on blackbox with similar window placement, styles and colors. Includes overview, list of features and sample screenshots of application with descriptions.

Generic Window Manager Manual

X11 window manager client application, composed of two modules the GWM and WOOL. Includes overview, standard packages and references.


Graphical menu editor written in Python and GTK, with icon selection dialog and can edit programs, toolbar and keys files.


GUI windowing environment to support Java programming and build to control native desktop system. Contains download, news and overview.

LinuxPlanet: Window Managers

Includes opinions, reviews and tutorials on window managers under Linux.

Official AfterStep Website

Unix X Window system window manager, provides desktop configuration. Includes list of features, FAQs and brief overview.


Standards compliant and lightweight window manager, distributed under GNU GPL. Contains brief overview and list of features.


Minimalistic window manager, compatible with GNOME, NET_WM and sort of KDE. With download and related links.


Contains prefix map to minimize key clobbering, with no fancy graphics, window decorations and fat library dependencies. Includes keyboard gallery and download.

ROX Desktop

Desktop based around ROX-Filer. Includes installation process, tips, guidebook and FAQs.


Uses Lisp-based scripting language. Includes download, sample screenshots of application and documentation.

Scheme Constraints Window Manager

Based on Guile scheme configuration language, support for fvwm2 modules and themes for mwm, win95, afterstep and fvwm.

Small Window Manager

Designed for minimal memory usage intended for small screen sizes. Provides download and screenshots of application.

Stump Window Manager

Written in Common Lisp, a keyboard driven X11 window manger. Includes download and links.

Vadim Khohlov's Programs

Contains programs for IceWM includes sample screenshots of application with brief descriptions.

Window Manager Icons

Project that provides configurable icons distribution, released under GPL.


Novel design simple window manager, released under GPL. Includes installation process and tips.


Adds stylish frame to each managed window, includes list of features.


Based on wm2, a window manager for X. Provides download and development releases.

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