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Qt Toolkits

  • Autoqt

    Build system files set. Intended to work with Qt 2.x and Qt 3.x includes MS Windows and embedded Linux.

  • Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB

    International software company which offers QT components and programming courses. Includes training, publications and contact information.

  • Python and Qt2

    Explains about using Python with Qt and shows latest version of PyQt.

  • QCppUnit

    Framework to perform unit testing and uses Qt to display results and show example of Qt application test. Includes screenshots, manual and download.

  • QdbtTabular

    Troll Tech's Qt-GUI toolkit table widget. Provides documentation, released versions and planned features.

  • QMWEdit (Qt Multi Window Editor)

    Editor to create small C/C++ projects, released under GPL. Provides overview, download and list of features.

  • Qt Architect

    Qt widget set screen architect, distributed under GPL. Provides screenshots and list of features.

  • Qt Reference Documentation

    Contains Qt library documents and tutorials about features and platforms.

  • QtDMM

    Readout software for DMM, licensed under GNU GPL. Provides installation process, change log, download and screenshots.

  • Qtella

    Gnutella Linux client that is written in C++ and uses Qt libraries. Includes brief description, documentation, FAQs and list of features.

  • QtEZ

    GUI builder that utilizes Qt2 toolkit. Contains news archive, project details and download.

  • Qtopia

    Linux application platform and user interface, permits creation of mobile and embedded devices. Plus training and download.

  • Qtopia

    Linux graphical environment on mobile phones and multimedia. Includes documentation and related links.

  • QTParted

    Partition magic clone, based on Linux. With download, change log, screenshots and FAQs.

  • QtWvDialer

    Graphical front-end to wvdial, licensed under GNU GPL. Provides installation process, download, change log and brief description.

  • Qwt - Qt Widgets for Technical Applications

    Library that contains GUI components and utility classes, distributed under Qwt license version 1.

  • QwtPlot3D

    Provides 3D-widgets for programmers, supports Qt3 and Qt4. Plus download, forum, FAQs and list of features.

  • Trolltech

    Software company providing development tools such as Qt. The multiplatform, C++ graphical user interface toolkit. .

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