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Qt Toolkits


Build system files set. Intended to work with Qt 2.x and Qt 3.x includes MS Windows and embedded Linux.

Independent Qt Tutorial

Book which aims to cover on process of developing professional Qt applications. Includes tips, related links and translations.

Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB

International software company which offers QT components and programming courses. Includes training, publications and contact information.

Python and Qt2

Explains about using Python with Qt and shows latest version of PyQt.


Framework to perform unit testing and uses Qt to display results and show example of Qt application test. Includes screenshots, manual and download.


Troll Tech's Qt-GUI toolkit table widget. Provides documentation, released versions and planned features.

QMWEdit (Qt Multi Window Editor)

Editor to create small C/C++ projects, released under GPL. Provides overview, download and list of features.

Qt Architect

Qt widget set screen architect, distributed under GPL. Provides screenshots and list of features.


Readout software for DMM, licensed under GNU GPL. Provides installation process, change log, download and screenshots.


Gnutella Linux client that is written in C++ and uses Qt libraries. Includes brief description, documentation, FAQs and list of features.


GUI builder that utilizes Qt2 toolkit. Contains news archive, project details and download.


Linux graphical environment on mobile phones and multimedia. Includes documentation and related links.


Partition magic clone, based on Linux. With download, change log, screenshots and FAQs.


Graphical front-end to wvdial, licensed under GNU GPL. Provides installation process, download, change log and brief description.

Qwt - Qt Widgets for Technical Applications

Library that contains GUI components and utility classes, distributed under Qwt license version 1.


Provides 3D-widgets for programmers, supports Qt3 and Qt4. Plus download, forum, FAQs and list of features.


Software company providing development tools such as Qt. The multiplatform, C++ graphical user interface toolkit. .

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