Graphic Subsystems Toolkits in the Best of the Web Directory

Graphic Subsystems Toolkits

  • AedGUI

    Cross-platform C++ GUI library. Includes download, mailing lists and forums.

  • Droplets

    Software platform for building applications. Includes information on product license and technical support.

  • FOX Toolkit

    C++ based toolkit for developing GUI. Provides installation instruction, download and FAQs.

  • GNUstep

    Desktop application development cross-platform framework. Contains download, news and brief overview.

  • GraphApp

    Cross-platform graphics library written in C programming language, distributed under App software license. Plus download, manual and tutorial.

  • LessTif

    The Hungary Programmer's version of OSF/Motif. Free software licensed under the GNU Library.

  • LGI

    GUI framework, handles graphical interface functions and network connectivity. Contains download, history and list of features.

  • LibUFO

    C++ core library, used as OpenGL GUI toolkit. Includes application sample screenshots, download and FAQs.

  • Libuta

    C++ GUI library which uses SDL as output layer, licensed under GNU LGPL.

  • Object Central: V

    Cross-platform C++ GUI framework, supports OpenGL. Provides download, testimonials and users' guide.

  • SansGUI Modeling and Simulation Environment

    Framework for modeling physical or abstract systems. Includes list of features with benefits and sample screenshots of application.

  • Sjgui

    GUI framework for interactive OpenGL applications. With list of features and source code information.

  • SmartWin

    C++ GUI and SOAP library for Windows applications development. Contains FAQs, tutorials and forum.

  • Visual Component Framework

    C++ application framework, designed to be cross-platform. Contains FoundationKit, GraphicsKit and ApplicationKit libraries.

  • Windows++ Code Library

    Lightweight C++ application framework, supports Borland and Microsoft compilers.

  • Ygl

    Emulates SGI's GL routines under X11, distributed under GNU LGPL. Supports doublebuffering via XServer extensions.

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