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KDE Utilities

Cuckooo - OpenOffice.org nested in KDE

Permits OpenOffice.org to run in Konqueror window, a KDE part. Includes screenshots, download and contact information.


Kicker applet to drop and drag files, includes project details and download.

K Magnifier

Magnifying a part of screen, a KDE/Linux application. Plus download and news archive.


KDE personal alarm message, command and e-mail scheduler which provides graphical interface to set-up. Plus news, download and version history.

Kaptain 0.72

Provides details on graphical front-end, examples and complete documentations and information about source distribution.


Little program to view character set available in font. Provides installation process, screenshot and overview.

KDE Applications

Contains KPvm, KDiskFree, KwikDisk, KHeise and KStrListEdit applications with descriptions, screenshots and download.

KDE Utilities from Rolf Jakob

Includes kdsing, kdepopup, kidentify, klocate and ktail utilities for KDE with descriptions.


Translates KDE-style links into wmconfig-style with installation process.


Provides detailed listings about UNIX, Linux, and Solaris fstab, developers information and software updates.


Realizes button-bar like tkGoodStuff or FwwmButtons with download, project details and news archive.

KHotKeys ~ Mouse Gestures

Imports mouse gesture collections. Contains download and brief descriptions.

Kick PIM

Offers KDE addressbook panel applet, news, bug reports, and discussion forums.


Reference tool for Japanese that limit searches to common entries and add Kanji to a list for later learning.


Displays details regarding music information manager, application features, news and status, links, contacts and credits.


Formerly called KTelia, program to log in to Telia Broadband, com hem and Tiscali ADSL. Includes download, screenshots, description and future plans.


Maintains information on KDE SSH front-end, screenshots, downloads, requirements, author and credits.


Seeks to provide details on KDE shell, typesetting sytem, KDE latest information, documentation and downloads.

Ktime Trace

Houses information about Comedi graphical frontend, sourcecode download, screenshots, requirements, author and mailing list.


Features information on KDE time application, download instructions, installation and Changelogs.


Program that convert different units. Includes installation and brief overview.


Program to recognize local weather events. Provides screenshots with brief descriptions, history and download.

Kweather Homepage

Provides details on weather panel applet, developer information, screenshots and downloadables.


Portrays data encryption in one shell, program features and technical details, current version download and documentation.

Rangoon Time

Displays current time in Rangoon/Burma, KDE 2.2.x application. Contains news archive and download.


Discusses information on visual regular expression explorer, latest news, status, version downloads and compilation.

This Is The KRC Homepage

Presents information regarding the KDE graphical irexec, system requirements and KRC CVS web interface.

UserMode: Free Source

Contains QBrew a homebrewers' recipe calculator and HarnMaker a harnmaster character generator with brief descriptions and snapshots. Includes themes and styles.


Displays the earth globe as background, includes change log and brief description.

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