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KDE Sound Tools

  • Amarok

    Features information on Unix and Linux music player, radio streams, shop, developers blog, scripts and themes.


    Collates details about the midi sequencer, music laboratory, news, documentation and discussion.

  • Hounddog

    Maintains information about KDE instrument tuner, system requirements, news and screenshots.

  • Jukebox Manager

    Reports details on PJB100, jukebox design and architecture as well as basic operations, track management and various related links.

  • Kcast Trout

    Points out various details about audio streaming server, GUI playlist editor and CVS requirements.

  • KDE DockControl for XMMS

    KDE 2 panel dock app to control Mp3 Player XMMS. Provides download and list of features.

  • Kfilter

    Gathers information on acoustic loudspeaker tool, relative program features, future plans, as well as handbook.

  • KHdRecord

    Records audio directly to KDE harddrive. Contains brief description, screenshots, download and history.

  • Knapster

    Supports logins, downloads, queuing, uploads and messages. Linux KDE napster client clone.

  • Knapster 2

    Conveys information on Linux Mp3 music sharing client, relative changelogs, bugs and authors.

  • Koog Epsilon

    Project aimed more towards casual linux user than a developer, includes download.

  • KprefMP3

    Frontend MP3 player that plays MP3 collection according to ratings, with download.

  • KRadio

    Displays KDE radio application, upgrade information, development release and station presets.

  • Krio

    Seeks to provide information on Diamond Rio graphical interface and developers list. Offers additional news and screenshots.

  • Ktune

    Guitar tuning application for KDE. With download and project details.

  • Kwave

    Maintains details on KDE sound editor, program features, distributions, roadmaps and screenshots.

  • MP3 Organizer

    Showcases information on MP3 organizer, installation and configuration and system requirements.

  • oKle

    Shows information about KDE DVD player, download sources, distribution packages, features, changes and translations.

  • OSS Mixer 1.1

    Supports various functions of the driver, designed with Qt from Troll Tech. Includes download and list of features.

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