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KDE Productivity Software

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KDE applications which improve productivity belong in this category.
  • Atleto

    Written in C++ using Qt library, logging physical activities program. Plus manual, screenshots and download.

  • Geheimnis (previously kPGPShell)

    Provides Geheimnis screenshots, KDE installation and CVS download.


    Organizes arbitrary kind of data into interconnections and structure of nodes. Provides download, screenshots and version history.

  • Kaspaliste

    Shows information on literature database for LINUX, application description and history, as well as developments and documentations.

  • Kbackup

    Offers UNIX backup machine, CVS access, program manual and release information.

  • Kberichtsheft

    Offers details regarding beta apprenticeship application, system requirements, installation and developers corner.

  • Kconfigure

    Tackles compiling and installing software, configurations, latest sources downloads, archive documentation and latest news.

  • Kdiary Home

    Reports details on professional diary program, data encrypted diary application, feedback and contact information.

  • KFlowChart

    Exhibits details on diagram maker, screenshots and downloads, product support and compatibility.

  • KGesture

    KDE2 gesture recognition application, uses libstroke. Provides screenshots and download.

  • Kile

    Maintains KDE TeX/LaTeX editor, screenshots and online documentation, releases schedules and patches.

  • KMouth

    Contains input field which user can type phrases and able to hear. Includes related links and brief overview.

  • Konsole

    Houses numerous details on KDE terminal emulator, handbooks, important news and developer journals.

  • Kontact

    Features information on KDE components, component notes and groupware servers.

  • Kphonecenter

    Portrays voice modem application, dialup shell account and application screenshot.

  • KPrayertime

    Delivers points on Islamic Prayer time applet, prayer time schedule applet; Arabic and English and application screenshot.

  • KRunning

    Discusses information on running events manager, links, screenshots and download.

  • KXML Editor

    Offers inside information on KDE XML editor, software developers, features and tutorials.

  • Linux TuxCards

    Houses information on Linux and Unix hierarchical notebook and CactusBar history. Provides details on versions, requirements, downloads and other related resources.

  • Qlwm

    X11 system window manager, available for Qt2, Qt3 and Qt4. Includes brief overview and list of properties.

  • Retail Auto Auction

    Offers auction point-of-sale software, release notes and key features. Provides details on contact information, project page and other related resources.

  • Small Kotitz

    Specializes on German non-profit organizations, includes download. Address management via KDE/QT and MySQL database.

  • Tellico

    Organizes collections, a KDE application. Provides books, bibliographies, stamps, videos and music default templates.

  • VirtuaLaw Legal Case Management

    Featuring the management system, which provides a plethora of services for its user including information tracking, schedule management, messaging and task management.

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