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KDE Networking Message Services

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KDE messaging, including email, instant messaging, and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) are the subject which is address in this category.
  • Eggert's Homepage

    Conveys information on POP3 mail checker and relative Linux links as well as screenshots and disclaimer.

  • K Answering Machine

    Permits to play and delete messages as well as displays voice mail inbox. Frontend for the vbox package (ISDN answering machine).

  • K Desktop Environment

    Presents details regarding KDE free software, source code download, and KDE 4 developer snapshots.

  • KBiff

    Utility for new mail notification, part of KDE project.

  • KDE Newsreader

    Collates details about the KDE project, public CVS access, web-based forums and surveys.

  • KMerlin

    A guide on kmerlin client, history statistics download, and cvs software overview.

  • KNewMail

    Features KNewmail software, available downloads and window screenshots.

  • Konversation

    Houses information on IRC project and handbook. Provides details on bug reports, screenshhots and other related resources.

  • Konverse

    Features KDE-based Jabber client, open source messaging protocol, daily news and updates.

  • KPopup

    Program under GNU GPL2, sending and receiving messages of Microsoft© WinPopup.

  • Ksalup

    Maintains information about KDE winpopup, product features, changes log, and documentations.

  • KSendFax

    Reports details on fax server package, fascimiles, HylaFax, E-fax as well as user manual, latest release download and various related links.

  • Kvirc

    Points out various details about free IRC, slackware, news, project requirements and status.

  • Kxicq

    Gathers information on KDE ICQ client, news and features and relative products.

  • Kyim!

    Transposes information on messenger client, yahoo networks compatible messenger, CVS, bugs and credits.

  • Licq

    Seeks to provide information on C++ ICQ, ICQ features and requirements. Offers additional information on bugtracks, utilities and plug-ins.

  • QIRC

    Maintains QT Libraries chat client, program screenshots, releases and news.

  • xIrc

    Based on IRC client, an X11 which built with C++ using Qt libraries.

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