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Networking applications which are functional for KDEs are the topic of this category.
  • Akregator

    Contains information on akregator browser, new features released, program downloads and blogs.

  • GPS Receiver

    Software based on Qt toolkit, published under GPL. Provides brief description and download.

  • GQ

    LDAP client based on GTK+, able to edit and delete entries with more features.

  • Guarddog

    Linux systems firewall configuration utility. Provides manual, download and screenshots.

  • Ham Fax

    Reports Ham fax application, documentations, program download, news and examples.

  • Infusion

    Cross-platform communications environment. Supports e-mail messaging, pop up sticky notes and shared contact list.

  • The Kchat Project

    Houses informations regarding Kchat program, latest program version features, screenshots, tips and tricks and Kchat downloads.

  • KGET

    Discusses information on a download manager, similar to GetRight and Go!zilla and include program screenshots.


    Showcases information on standards like HTML, SVG and JavaScript, portal for developers and users and Open Source implementations of Internet standards.

  • Kift

    Features details on gift-server, gift version 0.5 and information on downloadables.

  • Kiltdown

    Seeks to provide an open source mail client for UNIX, program updates and information on downloadables.

  • Kimap

    Houses numerous details about KDE 1.X, KDE softwares and downloads.

  • Klapjack

    Shows information about KDE client for online journaling, open source under the GPL-2 and works with any LiveJournal compatible site.

  • Klassie

    Portrays kicker panel applet, KDE instant messaging plugins, development report and updates.

  • Klmagemapeditor

    Displays KDE-based HTML image map editor and tool for Linux/KDE and also allows you to edit image maps of HTML files.

  • Kmago

    Offers inside information on Kmago software, screenshots, updates and downloads.

  • Kmyfirewall

    Provides details setups IPTables based firewalls on Linux systems, save entire rulesets and information about right tool if you like to have a so called Personal Firewall.

  • Knetwork conf

    Offers a KDE control center module, configures TCP/IP settings on linux machine with Knetwork Conf 0.4-first public release of this tool.

  • Knewspost

    Command-line program newspost, a KDE frontend. Contains screenshots, change log and list of features.

  • KNmapFE

    Provides full control on nmap options, runs on QT2 and KDE2 libraries.

  • Koffle

    Offers information on managing wwwoffle spools KDE tool, manages outgoing requests that runs on other KDE platforms.

  • Korinoco

    Provides detailed listings about wireless LAN client manager for KDE2, configure and monitor wireless LAN PC cards under Linux/KDE and supports every wireless LAN card.

  • Kpass

    Generates passwords in different lengths. Provides screenshots with descriptions.

  • Kphonecenter

    Application that uses voice modem as an answering machine and fax, includes download.

  • KPilot

    Substitute of palm desktop software. Provides history, development and FAQs.

  • KPTC

    Provides details regarding a KDE2 application, for operating comfortable with the SCS PTC-II ported to QT/KDE3.

  • KSiemens

    Manages Siemens mobile phone S25/35 series via IrDA or serial cable. Includes download and list of planned features.

  • KTelnet

    Permits to use mail reader as well as kerberos authentication with proxy server and runs through NAT type firewall.

  • KTnef

    Integrates with KDE environment, a TNEF viewer/extractor with download.

  • KTroute

    Permits to take full control on options and settings to use GUI, KDE2 frontend to the traceroute command.

  • KwebWatch

    Exhibits a small utility, monitors urls, checks for changes and used as a launching pad for viewing urls in your favorite browser.

  • KWiFiManager

    Tackles wireless LAN client manager for KDE3, configure and monitor your wireless LAN PC-Cards under Linux/KDE and designed for KDE version 3.x.

  • Linecontrol

    Maintains information about Line Control program, IP masquerading program. Provides software downloads, and project documentation.

  • Linpsk

    Displays details on s DarwinPsk, requires fftw 3 and originally based on WinPsk 1.0.

  • Myldapklient

    Provides link from LDAP server to KAB, small LDAP-to-KAB bridging client.

  • MyMap

    Presents information regarding the minmapping program for NIX, offering fork style and bubble style mind maps.

  • OpenSNMP

    Multi-threaded SNMPv3 engine which supports simple network management protocol version 3.

  • PLP tools

    Houses information on PLP Tools project, Unix systems communications libraries and utilities.

  • Popper

    Features details on functional network messenger, software development reports, updates and downloads.

  • Process view browser

    Reports process visualizaton, HMI and SCADA and concept similar to internet browser.

  • Qcad

    Maintains information on technical drawing application and aided drafting in two dimensions.

  • Qnmap

    K map frontend program, documentation, download and software updates.

  • Quanta Plus

    Collates details about quanta plus program, architectural foundations, and quanta downloads.

  • Watchdog

    Monitors system log for firewall log messages, developed for KDE 2 on Linux. Includes screenshots and brief overview.

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