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This category is where you will find sites which consist of games for KDE.
  • EasySok Homepage

    Seeks to provide information on easysok game, game features and downloads. Offers additional information on news and developers page.

  • FreeLords

    Turn-based-strategy game. Provides download, brief description and news.

  • KBoxes

    Little mind game with the objective to wipe out boxes in turn from set of 1, 3, 5 and 7. Plus screenshot and download.

  • Kcheat

    Maintains information on kcheat cheating system, software information, screen shots, resources and documentations.

  • The KDE Edutainment Project

    Displays KDE games and descriptions, screen shots and other game applications.

  • KFLog-Portal

    Showcases information on Kflog family programs and applications such as Kflog, Cumulus, Kflog/Embedded, digital maps and news.

  • KFoulEggs

    Contains details on KFoulEggs game, current features, future features, program status information and screen shots.

  • Klotski

    Brainteaser small brick game, written in python and PyQt. Provides history, download, feedback and related links.

  • KMAmeRun

    Shows information about KMameRun, multiple arcade machine emulator, project page and screen shots.

  • Kmines Homepage

    Provides details on Kmines, game features, presentations and screen shots.

  • Kmud

    Contains information on Kmus, program features, graphics, software downloads and plug ins.

  • KPooka

    KDE logic game with brief description. Includes download and screenshot.

  • Kpuzzle Homepage

    Provides detailed listings about Kpuzzle, game features, news, game downloads and pictures.

  • KRoutletteSim

    Offers krouletteSim game, system simulation, documentations, downloads and news.

  • KsirK

    Strategy board game in computerized version. Contains game description, history, downloads and installation.

  • Ksirtet

    Shows details regarding Ksirtet game current game features, programs status and presentations.

  • KSnes9x

    Exhibits details on KSnes9x software, screen shots, download page and lists of current versions.

  • KSokoban

    Supports loading external level collections from text files and resizable raytraced graphics. Includes screenshots, download and related links.

  • Ktamaga

    Displays details on ktamaga application, requirements specifications, new version displays and game download.

  • Ktorus

    Presents information regarding the Torus game for DOS, game preferences, requirements and downloads.

  • Truffle-Swine Keeper

    Clone of Minesweeper game, can calculate the probability that a certain field contain a mine.

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