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KDE Games

EasySok Homepage

Seeks to provide information on easysok game, game features and downloads. Offers additional information on news and developers page.


Turn-based-strategy game. Provides download, brief description and news.


Little mind game with the objective to wipe out boxes in turn from set of 1, 3, 5 and 7. Plus screenshot and download.


Maintains information on kcheat cheating system, software information, screen shots, resources and documentations.

The KDE Edutainment Project

Displays KDE games and descriptions, screen shots and other game applications.


Showcases information on Kflog family programs and applications such as Kflog, Cumulus, Kflog/Embedded, digital maps and news.


Contains details on KFoulEggs game, current features, future features, program status information and screen shots.


Brainteaser small brick game, written in python and PyQt. Provides history, download, feedback and related links.


Shows information about KMameRun, multiple arcade machine emulator, project page and screen shots.

Kmines Homepage

Provides details on Kmines, game features, presentations and screen shots.


KDE logic game with brief description. Includes download and screenshot.

Kpuzzle Homepage

Provides detailed listings about Kpuzzle, game features, news, game downloads and pictures.


Offers krouletteSim game, system simulation, documentations, downloads and news.


Shows details regarding Ksirtet game current game features, programs status and presentations.


Exhibits details on KSnes9x software, screen shots, download page and lists of current versions.


Supports loading external level collections from text files and resizable raytraced graphics. Includes screenshots, download and related links.


Displays details on ktamaga application, requirements specifications, new version displays and game download.


Presents information regarding the Torus game for DOS, game preferences, requirements and downloads.

Truffle-Swine Keeper

Clone of Minesweeper game, can calculate the probability that a certain field contain a mine.

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