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The sites in this category link to sites which contain or describe any documentation for KDE, including Konqueror.
  • Connecting UK ISP with kPPP

    KDE application to connect internet using PPP. Includes ISP's configuration files.

  • Getting Connected to the Internet with KPPP

    A guide on Linux webserver, system hardware, and internet installations.

  • KDE 2.1.1

    Provides information on list of changes, overview of the features, announcements, download, installation and FAQs.

  • KDE Developer's Corner

    Gathers information about KDE reference guide, relative design documents, books as well as tutorials.

  • KDE Documentation

    Conveys information on KDE user documentation, relative KDE versions, navigations as well as other related information.

  • KDE documentation

    Provides application documentation of any KDE suitable for users from varying backgrounds with general overview.

  • KDE Localization

    Platform for KDE translators, doc writers and XML wizards with resources for practical translation and news.

  • KDE Technology: KPart Components

    Demonstrates component technology, an article by Philippe Fremy. With samples, conclusions and references.

  • Toolkit Comparison

    Klotski program, compares the results using Gnotski, C-Klotski, Cpp-Klotski and PyQt-Klotski. Provides feedback, conclusion and size comparison.

  • Translation HOWTO

    Provides overview on translations of graphic user interfaces, introduction of new languages to KDE and resources.

  • Using Internet Keyboards with KDE

    Article on multimedia-enhanced keyboards that provides extra buttons for one-touch Internet applications and controls.

  • VisKprog

    KDE visual programming language with download and news archive.

  • Why program for KDE?

    Explains on advantages of using KDE program. Includes conclusions and references.

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