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KDE Development

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Websites which address various applications meant for KDE are housed in this category.
  • Data Widget Library for Qt

    Contains C library, news, handbook, apidoc, mailing lists and downloads.

  • Developer Journals

    Blogs of developers for KDE. Includes comments and registration.

  • KAppTemplate

    Modular shell scripts set. Creates a framework for any KDE application types.

  • Kbasic Software

    Maintains details on KDE programs, updates, free downloads, kbasic book, syntax and examples.

  • KCacheGrind

    Visual profile data licensed under GPL V2. Plus latest releases, requirement and news.

  • Kconfigure

    Seeks to provide kconfigure software, latest news, software downloads, documentation and requirements.

  • KDE Developer

    KDE development directory by categories. Contains articles and tutorials.

  • KDE on Cygwin/Xfree

    Houses numerous information about Cygwin POSIX emulation, downloads, mailing lists and forums.

  • KDE Source Cross Reference

    Features information on KDE identifier search and file references.

  • KDE Web Dev

    Provides details on webdev application; kommander and kallery downloads.

  • KDE-CVSBuild Shell Script

    Portrays kde-cvsbuild script, project source, testings and developers' information.

  • Kdevelop

    Delivers points on kdevelop project, features requirements and downloads.

  • KPHP Develop

    Reports information on kphp, software development and system requirements.

  • Kprof Homepage

    Discusses information on KProf tool, kprof features, mailing lists, projects and forums.

  • Kspline

    Library that contains Kspline class, visual editor and demo program. Provides history, download and installation tips.

  • Ktk

    Details on Tcl/Tk library and differences with KDE applications. Designs to used with Tix extension. Contains installation process.

  • KWindrose

    Library that provides compass and allows an angle between 0 to 360 degrees. Contains download, history and installation.

  • Python and KDE Tutorial

    Describes on how to program Python language. With authors' message.

  • Rikkus.info

    Houses information about KDE tutorials, articles and linux related information. Provides details on new released softwares; audio, toys, network and games.

  • Robot Auto Racing Simulator

    Offers inside information on Robot Auto Racing Simulation, screen shots, news, car models, downloads and documentations.

  • VisualQT Homepage

    Features information on visual Qt RAD tool, tutorials, bugs, news on latest versions, projects and downloads.

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